Alphabet: The rise of the mobility budget – Focko Dorhout Mees

With a spotlight on the Netherlands, Marsh CEO Focko Dorhout Mees takes a closer look at his company's experience with the future of business mobility from Alphabet.

New, holistic approaches to business mobility are gaining momentum. And nowhere does this statement ring truer than in the Netherlands where future-oriented, sustainable ways of getting from A to B have become commonplace in recent years. So it is no surprise that Alphabet, the provider of innovative business mobility solutions, developed its most cutting-edge, out-of-the-box mobility product in the Netherlands. This country, where Alphabet has 80,000 cars under management, is currently the pilot market for the Alphabet Mobility Budget.

The winning combination
The Dutch headquarters of international insurance brokerage and risk management company Marsh is located in the heart of Rotterdam, in a light, airy structure that reflects the company's DNA. Striving to be true to itself, Marsh desired a mobility solution for its employees that was as flexible and visionary as its own forward-thinking services.

As it turns out, the Alphabet Mobility Budget was just what Marsh was looking for. On a case-by-case basis, participating Marsh employees can freely 'spend' a set allowance on whatever mobility form best suits their needs, be it car-sharing, public transport or bicycling.

"By facilitating individual employee's mobility needs and giving them a choice, the Mobility Budget corresponds very well to our wishes and demands," says Focko Dorhout Mees, CEO of Marsh Netherlands.

Economic and sustainable

Because it involves employees in the costs of mobility and rewards economic behaviour, Alphabet Mobility Budget helps companies like Marsh keep their total cost of mobility (TCM) in check. Employees also stand to profit - drivers can earn money by driving economically and making smart decisions about their own business-related mobility.

Companies also warmly welcome the fact that the Mobility Budget facilities sustainable business practices. Optimised car-sharing along with viable transport alternatives - public transport and cycling - are two ways in which the innovative solution can help reduce the total number of vehicles on the road and thereby decrease CO2 emissions. Including electric cars or light commercial vehicles in the fleet has the potential to take sustainability one step further, especially when charged with green energy.

A holistic solution

Like all Alphabet products, the Mobility Budget is comprehensive - including everything from vehicle maintenance to general administration and invoicing - and specifically tailored to each client's individual mobility needs. The net effect for clients like Marsh is an easy and seamless business mobility experience.

Ready for new markets

The positive feedback from Marsh and other clients in the Netherlands has proven to Alphabet that companies and their employees are ready for the next level of business mobility.

"Clients like Marsh have shown us the potential for an innovative solution like the Mobility Budget in other markets. Especially at a day and age when cost-savings and sustainability greatly factor into a company's decision-making process," says Carsten Kwirandt, head of marketing and business development at Alphabet.

The good news for companies throughout Europe and beyond is that Alphabet plans to launch the Alphabet Mobility Budget in additional markets in the years to come.

CEO Norbert van den Eijnden: "We offer our products and services across national boarders to reach employees everywhere."
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