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100% Automation − streamline your policies and processes

EmpCenter automates your most complex labour policies, simplifies compliance with labour regulations, and enables HR and payroll professionals to play a more strategic, measurable, and results-driven role in the organisation. By standardising labour management activities across the enterprise, EmpCenter allows organisations to make smarter, more effective use of their workforce.

A complete platform in the cloud

EmpCenter's cloud-based delivery gives your business the very best in system performance, configurability and security - all with minimal demands on your organisation's IT staff.

Through the cloud, innovation is perpetual. New EmpCenter releases are launched multiple times per year, and include hundreds of user experience and system performance enhancements. With our standard upgrade process, your organisation gets immediate access to the latest and greatest version, every time.

Independently certified as meeting the SSAE 16 Type II, ISAE 3402 Type II and SOC 2 Type II standards, as well as US−EU Safe Harbor self-certified, EmpCenter's cloud environment meets the most stringent security and data privacy requirements.

Continuous monitoring and multiple layers of physical and network security provide further assurance of the security and availability of your cloud solution. Data centres distributed across three continents allow us to host and manage your solution in a manner that best fits your current needs, and to easily adjust as your organisation grows.

EmpCenter solutions

Time and attendance
Regardless of the complexity of your organisation's labour processes, EmpCenter automates 100% of your time and attendance policies for 100% of your workforce. Pay rates, overtime, shift differentials, meal deductions and other 'labour events' are accurately captured and calculated within the system. Should an exception to any rule occur, EmpCenter will notify the supervisor so corrective action can be taken before it becomes a problem.

In addition to reducing the time, effort and expense typically associated with delivering accurate information to payroll, EmpCenter's time and attendance capabilities also yield greater insight into the day-to-day activities of your entire employee base. From basic tasks - such as the ability to view current and projected vacation balances, to more advanced functionality such as detailed analysis and reporting capabilities − EmpCenter empowers your organisation to make better business decisions based upon detailed labour information.

Two powerful extensions help employers gain a more granular view of time and labour data.

Activity Based Costing provides a fast and effective means for employees to charge and track time to specific cost centres, departments, projects, work orders and other areas. Support for an unlimited number of fields means that your business can capture work hour data to any degree of specificity required, and EmpCenter calculates and applies all business rules and pay rates in every case.

Multiple Assignments provides complete support for employees who work more than one concurrent job assignment, often with distinct pay and accrual rates, and rolling up to different managers and departments. EmpCenter manages each separate timesheet and automates cross-timesheet calculations to help you confidently comply with wage and hour regulations.

Rostering and scheduling
EmpCenter streamlines complex scheduling, helping organisations decrease overtime payments by optimising employee schedules, and automatically applies business rules that minimise costs while meeting employee and employer needs. For example, many organisations are concerned with the 'graying of the workforce' and focus on knowledge transfer from the mature employee to the younger generation.

Based on rostering parameters, EmpCenter ensures employees are paired appropriately to make certain knowledge transfer is taking place. Other sophisticated options, such as shift swapping, overtime equalisation and automatic enforcement of hours-of-service regulations provide the robust flexibility suitable for any industry's requirements.

Absence and leave
EmpCenter also allows large employers to automate the tracking of absences and regulated leaves. For employees, EmpCenter provides a highly graphical and guided time-off request experience. Immediate access to current and projected time-off bank balances help them plan with greater convenience and confidence than ever before. Employers gain the benefit of better reporting on absences and extended leaves, more consistent practices across locations, and dramatically reduce the manual administration relating to leave requests and regulatory compliance. Further, an enterprise approach fully supports local variation.

EmpCenter supports any number of time-off accrual policies and approval rules across your organisation, while also providing complete coverage for local and national regulations.

Simple and intuitive, EmpCenter analytics capabilities empower users to quickly and easily build custom views of labour-related data and share that information with executives, supervisors and co-workers across the business.

These rich views close the loop between labour activities and financial performance. Patterns become instantly recognisable, best practices emerge and − for the first time − managers have the concrete, data-driven information they need to make informed decisions regarding work schedules and labour mix, and can even identify which workers are most effective at specific tasks. As a result, your business can operate more smoothly and more efficiently than ever before.

Fatigue management
EmpCenter's unique fatigue management capabilities help organisations to reduce risks associated with employees who are too tired to safely perform their roles. Whether the employee is an airline pilot, truck driver, line worker or train or fleet operator, EmpCenter ensures workers are only on the clock if your organisation's risk mitigation policies - or regulatory requirements - deem it safe.

Organisations establish fatigue management policies to help reduce accidents, minimise liability and ensure strong bottom line results. These rules can be complex and intertwined, but EmpCenter automates the process and enforces every rule, every time.

Mobile workforce management
In the 'bring your own device' (BYOD) era, organisations can no longer plan mobile access around a single smartphone or operating system. EmpCenter's mobile experience was uniquely designed to enable enterprise coverage in this evolving BYOD landscape by taking a standards-based approach that ensures connectivity from virtually any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Delivering real-time rules enforcement and the intelligence you expect from a mobile extension of the EmpCenter platform, yet with a design and navigation optimised for smartphone and tablet use, EmpCenter Mobile puts workforce management in the palm of your hand.

Diverse data capture
However you need to capture time and activity data, WorkForce Software has you covered. An extensive range of data collection devices makes it easy to find a device well suited to each audience. Additionally, many terminals can be delivered with a full complement of biometric, magnetic stripe, bar code and proximity readers to support any security and authentication goals as part of a new approach to workforce management.

Complemented by web-based time entry that can be accessed from virtually any device and tailored to match a user's exact needs, this broad range of options lets your organisation achieve 100% coverage without compromising on employee ease of use.

Additionally, WorkForce Software has an open approach to labour data collection. If you have existing devices that work well, our team is committed to exploring how those units could interface with the EmpCenter suite. We believe the true value of workforce management is a single, consistent and complete set of labour data, and EmpCenter is uniquely capable of serving as that enterprise hub. How the data is collected is up to you.

Professional services
WorkForce Software helps its clients fully leverage their EmpCenter workforce management solution with tailored services and support throughout the life of the partnership. Clients benefit from adopting industry best practices, accelerating return on investment and realising a lower cost of ownership.

To ensure your success, WorkForce Software offers a full range of implementation services including project management and planning, requirements gathering, compliance analysis, system configuration and installation, interface integration, business rule and compliance configuration, and system testing.

Implementation methodology
WorkForce Software's pre-defined industry templates, discovery surveys and documented best practices ensure a successful implementation. Vital components of the discovery survey include:

  • interfaces with HR, payroll, work management and ERP systems
  • time collection methods
  • labour distribution
  • process workflows
  • attendance rules and discipline/point tracking
  • scheduling requirements
  • pay policies including overtime, shift premium, holidays, rates of pay and premium pay
  • benefit/time-off accruals
  • government regulation compliance (e.g. EU Working Time Directive).

Prior to configuring EmpCenter, our consultants work with you to ensure every aspect of the discovery process is thoroughly understood and defined. We recognise that EmpCenter will directly touch every employee in your organisation and play a central role in ensuring that sensitive items like their work hours, time off , leave requests and pay are handled precisely, consistently and on time. Our implementation team follows a rigorously developed methodology to ensure a 'First Time Right' implementation.

Customer support
WorkForce Software's success depends on our clients' success with EmpCenter. We maintain close relationships with our clients throughout the life of the partnership and provide expert assistance via a highly trained client support team. A menu of support packages allows each organisation to choose the best level of expert assistance to meet their stated business goals.

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