Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ): Ras Al Khaimah: the gateway to emerging markets

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Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is one of the seven emirates which comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE), along with Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With a reputation for a business-friendly investment environment and a competitive cost of establishing and operating companies, the emirate is the home of Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ). The free zone is a world-class investment destination where more than 7,500 international businesses are currently established across four free zone parks. The companies operating in RAK FTZ benefit from a completely tax-free environment, freedom to source labour and materials globally, and many other investment support incentives.

Why invest in Ras Al Khaimah?

Location and Logistics

  • Due to its strategic location, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is ideally positioned as a gateway to the sizeable markets of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.
  • Additionally, companies can profit from fast-growing economies in RAK and the rest of the UAE, with additional growth from the upcoming World Expo 2020.
  • Logistics in RAK provided by five sea ports and an international airport.
  • Multi-lane super-highways E311 and E611 connect RAK to other emirates and neighbouring countries.
  • Less than an hour's drive from Dubai International Airport, serving more than 125 airlines flying to over 284 destinations across six continents.
  • 90 minutes to Jebel Ali Sea Port, the largest port in the Middle East.

Safety, security and stability

  • complete personal and investment safety
  • an island of security in a turbulent region
  • highest levels of government stability as affirmed by S&P's 'A/A-1' rating.

Cost of Living - 25% to 50% less than UAE average including:

  • real estate > consumables
  • recreation and entertainment > education.

Business-friendly regulatory environment

  • zero taxes (no corporate, personal income, or sales taxes)
  • no restrictions on profits/capital repatriation
  • fixed foreign exchange.

Diversified and resilient economy

  • average of 8% GDP growth over the last three years
  • strong diversification across multiple sectors including manufacturing, services, trading and tourism
  • highest level of industrialisation in the UAE, with manufacturing at 26% of the GDP
  • headquarters of industry-leading companies such as RAK Ceramics, Julphar Pharmaceuticals and RAK Bank.

What are the additional benefits of operating in RAK Free Trade Zone?

Setting up a business in RAK FTZ is quick and easy. RAK FTZ allows you to own 100% of your business, and provides comprehensive packages that include everything an investor needs to set up operations. This includes your licence, visas and company registration, as well as ready-made facilities such as offices, warehouses and land for development.


  • quick and easy registration
  • fast-track business licences for nearly all activities
  • visa issuance - easily renewable three-year residence visas for investors, managers and workers
  • support for opening UAE bank accounts
  • continuous support for your business (Mazeed service desk)
  • insurance > creative design
  • advertising > procurement
  • event management > recruitment
  • training > other.

Ready-to-occupy facilities

  • Flexi desks and flexi offices - furnished and semi-enclosed work stations and offices for part-time use
  • high-quality office space for lease
  • warehouses for lease
  • serviced land for industrial development
  • co-located labour accommodations for lease.

Investment-supportive regulatory environment

  • labour
  • freedom to source labour from anywhere around the world
  • ample availability of labour in the UAE across a range of cost and qualification criteria
  • ability to build your own labour accommodation on site
  • 100% foreign ownership, with flexible legal structures
  • free sone LLC > branch > subsidiary.


  • affordable business packages for all company sizes starting at just over US$4,000
  • cost-effective lease rates - up to 50% lower than other emirates
  • no customs duty on re-exported goods.

For more information, please call 800 7111, email [email protected] or visit www.rakftz.com

What businesses operate from RAK FTZ?

We welcome companies and entrepreneurs from virtually all business sectors to set up in RAK FTZ. Our more than 7,500 free-zone clients come from over 100 countries and span across almost every sector, including a few examples below:

Light industrial

  • food and beverage processing
  • electronics and consumer products assembly
  • cosmetics manufacture and perfume blending
  • medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
  • industrial equipment assembly
  • machining and metal cutting
  • metal coatings
  • oil and gas equipment
  • gas liquefaction and bottling
  • carpentry
  • textiles and apparel
  • equipment service and repair.

Heavy industrial

  • vehicle assembly and customisation
  • architectural, automotive glass and glassware
  • fibreglass/insulation materials
  • building materials
  • pre-engineered buildings and steel fabrication
  • concrete and precast structures
  • metal alloys, dies and extrusions
  • steel pipework manufacturing
  • chemical engineering and manufacturing
  • plastics and polymers
  • paint manufacture
  • lubricants
  • rubber products
  • packaging products manufacturing.

Value-added distribution and trading

  • food repackaging and labelling
  • antiques and artwork
  • aerospace spares
  • auto parts
  • building materials
  • medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
  • building equipment and machinery.


  • shipping management and chartering
  • commercial logistics services.


  • e-commerce
  • legal and translation consultancy
  • logistics consultancy
  • auditing and financial consultancy
  • ICT consultancy
  • marketing and management
  • aerospace consultancy
  • oil and gas consultancy
  • product training, service and repair.


  • universities
  • branch campuses
  • training institutes
  • distance/online learning
  • educational services.

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