Recent Biogen investment into Canton of Solothurn

15 December 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, for most organisations it is time to reflect on the last year, work out how far you still are from your overall long term goal and, of course, make plans for the new year of 2017.

Given the importance placed on large corporates to remain committed to a globalised business strategy, investing in new facilities in different locations is still the main way of doing so. However, with the recent global political decisions and instabilities, enterprises need to think twice before committing themselves to a new location, and perhaps staying safe next year is the way forward?

In this episode of FDE TV we have come to the Canton of Solothurn in Switzerland to see the new construction site of Biogen, one the world’s leading biotechnology companies. FDE TV presenter, Darina Ivanova, speaks with Scott Keetch, director of manufacturing in-sourcing of Biogen, about the key factors behind their decision to further expand as well as the reasons why Biogen chose Solothurn over other regions, not just in Europe, but also within Switzerland.

Darina also speaks with Karl Brander, executive director within the investment authority for the region, about the types of companies that typically look to establish themselves there, as well as their side of the story of Biogen investment.

You can view the full episode by clicking here.