Daimler Fleet Management: from auto to mobile

By replacing traditional methods with a consulting approach that offers a tailor-made solution, Daimler Fleet Management is pushing innovation as an automotive group.

For companies, mobility means more than simply getting from A to B. That's why it has always been Daimler Fleet Management's aim to provide more than just vehicle fleets. To continue to live up to this expectation, the company has continually readjusted itself with a complete set of fleet services.

It provides consulting and solutions for all aspects of business mobility, from planning to the integration of alternative drive mechanisms. The services are available for cars and vans of all makes, and Daimler crosses borders by providing fleet solutions for international companies.

What has distinguished Daimler, and convinced more than 700 customers, remains the same: a personal, trustworthy relationship with a dedicated salesperson and the highest degree of service quality. Daimler is committed to:

  • comprehensive services worldwide
  • providing a dedicated contact person
  • earning your trust - every day
  • impressing with individual solutions
  • offering clients more, including service
  • establishing long-term partnerships.

Quality without borders

Daimler keeps its customers moving ahead, wherever in the world they happen to operate. Through Daimler Financial Services and Daimler Fleet Management, the company offers a comprehensive range of support services, from financing to finance and service leasing, insurance and fleet management.

"With 7,800 employees in over 40 countries, Daimler Financial Services already leases or finances around three million vehicles from the Daimler Group."

The company's expertise and experience in local markets ensures that its clients will always be in pole position. From smart cars to the E-Class or Sprinters, the company offers complete fleet solutions from a single source.

With 7,800 employees in over 40 countries, Daimler Financial Services already leases or finances around three million vehicles from the Daimler Group. Its cross-border cooperation with international fleet customers has taught Daimler how to demonstrate local flexibility based on globally successful standards. By coordinating fleets in different countries with Daimler, businesses can be sure that internal regulations and standards - as well as the legal peculiarities of individual countries - are always adhered to.

And that pays off. Through continued cooperation, customers can continually increase efficiency and increase efficiency. Daimler specialists stand out as genuine partners who work in their clients' interests by offering suitable products and networking services.

In this context, it is not just the individual elements of the offer, the support for drivers of company cars and the quality of the execution that are done right - everything that Daimler offers to its many satisfied clients is simply perfect.

Daimler offers its international fleet customers unrivalled expertise and an in-depth knowledge of local markets.