Efficiency and Effectiveness Gallery

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Aargau: an attractive Swiss business location - Annelise Alig Anderhalden

ALD Automotive: Fleet management with a full range of support services

ALD Automotive: full service - Stéphane Renie

Alphabet International: The first comprehensive e-mobility solution for company fleets

Alphabet: corporate car-sharing reduces mobility costs

Alphabet: Why business mobility is a true cost saver – Ed Frederiks and Christian Steiner

ARI: A truly global fleet management service

Athlon Mobility Consultancy: holistic mobility management - Alexander Prinssen

BMW Group: putting the ‘i’ in emissions reduction

BNP Paribas: Hedging Emerging Market FX Risk

Canton of Valais Economic Development Office: a sunny outlook for SMEs

Canton Ticino: the Swiss fashion valley

Daimler Fleet Management: from auto to mobile

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority: born free

Fleet Logistics: a fleet solution that grows with its customers

Fleet Logistics: growing gains - Rainer Laber

Flying the flag for Flanders: Kris Peeters and Luc Hooybergs

Free State Development Corporation: invest in the heart of South Africa

Genpact: From Buyer to Supplier - Pascal Henssen

HAYMOZ Fleet Performance: The transparent way to drive down TCO – Urs Haymoz

ING Wholesale Banking: More Than Just Plastic - Douglas Gray and Martjin van Galen

ISS: Acting Local, Going Global – Jakob Stausholm

Jaguar Land Rover: the new British fleet option - Ken Forbes

Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance: asset finance in the age of austerity

MiX Telematics: data to drive efficiency – Charles Tasker

Nissan: An eco-conscious fleet that’s kind to your balance sheet – Jordi Vila-Onses

Nissan: Bringing electric vehicles to life

Nissan: The global leader in zero-emissions technology

Opel: Exciting times ahead

Oracle Financing: flexible funding models fuel innovation - Stephan van Beek

PSA Peugeot Citroën: A world of fleet solutions – Stéphane Chesnel

Solothurn Economic Development Agency: a quality environment for business and pleasure

Toyota Motor Europe and TCOPlus: Take TCO to a new level – Johan Verbois, Hans Damen and Bart Vanham

UniCredit Bank AG: pooled resources - Thomas Kunz

Volkswagen Financial Services: huge variety from one supplier

Volkswagen: A local approach to fleet management – Ralf Kostrewa

Volkswagen: ecological conclusion - Elena Delgado Vicente

VW Financial Services: flexible fleet management - the freedom to change