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iXBRL Compliance: Overhead or Opportunity?

24 October 2012 by IRIS

As well as all the day-to-day pressures of supporting their business, corporate finance departments face the additional burden of having to comply with an increasingly stringent regulatory framework.

It's a landscape that is constantly changing and this white paper looks at some of the key requirements on compliance that finance professionals will face in the years ahead, specifically iXBRL and the next big thing: the future of UK GAAP.

It encourages accountants in business to review their current systems and processes to identify how they can prepare their organisation for whatever the future holds. The outlook is not all negative: we suggest here that, in reviewing their ability to respond to changing statutory requirements, accountants could very well uncover opportunities to make time-savings and efficiencies that will benefit their business, going beyond 'just' fulfilling their obligations on compliance.

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  • iXBRL Compliance: Overhead or Opportunity?