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Control, Cost and Compliance: Benefits of Insourcing and Automating

24 October 2012 by IRIS

Some corporate accountants prefer to keep the task of accounts production at arm's length, fearing the added workload, especially when resources are already stretched.

We show here that with the right technology and support, producing statutory accounts can be a straightforward task. After all, you will already have done the work of finalising the figures, so it makes sense to go the extra step and complete the statutory documentation in compliance with accounting standards for public filing and to meet HMRC requirements on iXBRL when submitting tax returns.

Whether you are still at the point of considering 'insourcing' the work from your auditor or accountant, or you already produce your statutory end-of-year accounts using applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, using accounts production software will automate and streamline this important task.

From talking to IRIS Software Group customers, we identified that the main reason why organisations bring accounts production in-house is to achieve greater control, cost and compliance. This whitepaper looks at the experience of businesses that have already achieved their objectives.

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  • Control, Cost and Compliance: Benefits of Insourcing and Automating