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2013 Cloud PSA Evaluation Guide

05 February 2013 by

Service organizations have not enjoyed the more than four decades' worth of packaged software solutions that have been available to manufacturers and other entities. Custom, bespoke solutions have figured greatly in service organisations during this time frame.

Spreadsheets, PC-based applications and components of larger ERP suites have rounded out the software portfolio of countless service firms globally.

In the 1980s, firms like VisiCalc and Lotus produced spreadsheet tools that ushered in a new level of productivity, accuracy and planning for project-based activities. In subsequent years, Microsoft and other firms expanded this capability into project planning software and project management systems.

These project planning / management solutions greatly aided efforts in developing work plans, determining critical path activities, identifying schedule conflicts and other project management activities.

During that same time frame, some financial and ERP software vendors created project accounting software that utilised much of the same functionality found in their accounting modules. These systems kept track of the cost and expenses involved in project-based work.

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