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Integrated Performance Management

31 March 2006 by Deloitte

Despite massive investments in ERP, CRM and other enterprise systems, many companies still don't have the information they need to make good business decisions. The problem isn't a lack of information - it's a lack of insight. Today's decision-markers are buried in raw data and reports, but the truly useful insights are hidden somewhere in the pile. Leading organisations are starting to close the insight gap through a practice called Integrated Performance Management - a holistic approach to performance management from planning, budgeting and forecasting to reporting, performance measurement and compensation.

Organisations without an integrated approach to performance management suffer from a variety of problems that undermine overall performance. This article outlines some of the common problems faced by organisations adopting a traditional approach to performance management. It goes on to examine the components of an IPM approach and identifies the key benefits organisations can expect to realise.

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