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BEDA - as Dynamic as Your Business Ideas

08 December 2010 by Berne Economic Development Agency

Berne Economic Development Agency (BEDA) is a one-stop shop for companies wishing to locate to and expand in the Canton of Berne.

The canton of Berne enjoys a well-developed infrastructure, low rates of company taxation, an outstanding education and training system, and a well-qualified workforce able to speak several languages. Its central location within Switzerland and Europe makes it ideal for servicing European sales markets.

As the capital city, Berne is the political centre of Switzerland, thus providing for close contact with politicians and administrative authorities.

To find out more about Berne's facts and figures, its the advantages, international and national network, the central geographical location as well as BEDA's services, download this free white paper.

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  • BEDA - as Dynamic as Your Business Ideas