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HAYMOZ Advises on How to Reduce Complexity of International Fleet car Costs

09 May 2012 by HAYMOZ Fleet Performance

Try to compare international car fleet costs from one country or lease supplier to another and you are up for a lot of late nights pulling your hair out. Even with existing IT tools from big name brands there are still numerous obstacles to produce even basic consolidated fleet cost reports across national boundaries, such as different contract types with a wide variety of cost components, changes in business requirements, cost data in multiple currencies and government regulations.

HAYMOZ Fleet Performance in Zürich, Switzerland delivers a fleet management information system (fleetMIS) which is able to audit and standardise total cost of ownership TCO cost components for comparison at a corporate and local level. In this way various contract types and other lease variations can be compared as apples-to-apples on an international basis. A rigorous and holistic audited data process is implemented with the lowest TCO as a central focus. Using a wide array of modules HAYMOZ Fleet Performance is able to integrate a monitoring process of key factors, including TCO cost components, CO² performance, technical fuel and actual fuel consumption, driver efficiency, investment and other key performance indicators.

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  • HAYMOZ Advises on How to Reduce Complexity of International Fleet car Costs