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Toyota directly and indirectly employs around 94,000 people in Europe

Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (TME) oversees the sales and marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts, accessories and manufacturing and engineering operations in Europe.

Toyota directly and indirectly employs around 94,000 people in Europe, while it has invested more than seven billion euros in the region since 1990. Toyota's operations in Europe are supported by a network of 30 national marketing and sales companies across 56 countries, a total of around 3,000 sales outlets and nine manufacturing plants.

In 2012, despite a declining market, Toyota achieved a two percent sales increase, selling 837,969 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Europe. This increase can be attributed to Toyota's environmental leadership and some strong new products, such as the Yaris Hybrid.

In 2013 Toyota is expected to better its 2012 results, with new and exciting products in the essential C-segment helping achieve this, such as the new Auris and the all new Auris Touring Sports.

Toyota: leading the way to sustainable mobility

Part of Toyota's global vision is to be the environmental leader through commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the planet. Our long-term work on future technologies includes ongoing and determined focus on batteries and fuel cells, as well as research into alternative urban mobility infrastructures.

We believe the right solutions for today are hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, because of their exceptionally low CO2 emission and fuel consumption credentials. Other powertrains such as electric vehicles and fuel cells still have limitations, such as the battery range for electric vehicles and the feasibility of a hydrogen distribution network for fuel cell vehicles.

Toyota's hybrid technology has become mainstream, with hybrid versions present in almost all segments

Toyota's hybrid technology has become mainstream, with hybrid versions present in almost all segments. Our hybrid sales have reached more than five million units worldwide and 21 new or updated hybrid products will be launched by 2015. Thanks to the success of our hybrid technology, as well as the efficiency of our petrol and diesel engines, Toyota currently has the lowest fleet-wide emissions of 109.29g/km in Europe.

2013 brings a full C-segment renewal for Toyota with the all new Auris Touring Sports, new Auris, new Verso and new Corolla. The all new Auris Touring Sports is set to become the new point of reference in the medium-sized wagon segment.

This car offers a choice of diesel, petrol and hybrid powertrains. With its superior luggage capacity and the hybrid engine offering CO2 emissions as low as 85g/km, this is a car that all business customers will be interested in.

Our presence in the market will be further boosted with the fourth generation RAV4 and the new Lexus IS. For the first time ever, IS is now available with a hybrid powertrain bringing class-leading efficiency with 223DIN hp and only 99g CO2/km.

Managing your business better with Toyota

Truly believing that there is 'Always A Better Way', Toyota is committed to continuously improving the level of service we provide to our business customers, by adapting our offer to meet their changing needs. We provide a dedicated single point of contact to all business customers, ranging from small businesses to international companies.

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