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At Buck, we take pride in helping organisations succeed through complex human resources challenges. We are more than simply an actuarial and employee benefit consultancy. We specialise in customised client solutions in retirement services, investment consulting, health and productivity programmes, human resource management, effective employee communications and global consulting.

Services provided by Buck Consultants

Actuarial and pensions consulting

Retirement programmes are a vital component of your total compensation strategy. We offer retirement solutions that focus on sound financial planning, risk management and fiduciary effectiveness. We provide actuarial services to determine funding and expense. We are experts in defined benefit, defined contribution and plan design, funding and administration, and can help you with tax and legal compliance, corporate governance and assistance with mergers, de-risking, wind-ups and auto-enrolment.

Global investment advisors

In today's age of risk awareness and increased scrutiny, many employers and plan sponsors are faced with challenges relating to governance of their retirement programmes. Our investment consultants have the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding strategic planning, investment policy, tactical implementation, risk management and compliance.

Global benefits administration

Shaped from Buck's 95-year history of innovation in HR delivery, and Xerox's leadership position in technology and business process outsourcing, our technology consultants work with you to assess your current HR structure, processes, underlying technology and service providers. We then develop integrated Web-based solutions and flexible co-sourcing and outsourcing options tailored to address your unique challenges and fit your needs. Finally, we pull everything together to design and implement employer-branded gateways with easy-to-use tools for employees, executives and HR users.

Health and productivity

A combination of economic pressures, shifting demographics, legislative initiatives and regulatory changes means it is increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain employee benefit programmes. Our health and productivity consultants develop healthcare strategies that result in competitive benefits and increased productivity. We provide comprehensive plan management services, specialising in areas including clinical, wellness, absence management, communication, legal and plan design. Our consultants are recognised experts in consumer-driven health care plan design, administration and communication.

Talent and HR solutions

Understanding the needs of your business and your people is critical to your future success. We assist you in achieving your most important business objectives and build competitive advantage through workforce planning, talent assessment, HR and vendor assessment, HR processes and programme design, project and programme management, change management and employee engagement.


Effective communication is key to turning corporate strategy into corporate success. Our award winning communication consultants combine technical expertise with creative solutions to reinforce your messages to employees. We deliver a full range of customised solutions, including strategic planning, creative visuals, branding and exceptional execution. Our creativity helps you engage your employees using both traditional and state-of-the-art media -- from newsletters and brochures to Web portals and desktop training -- consistent with your business goals and values.

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Pension Increase Exchange: Long Term De-Risking of Pension Schemes 30 October 2012 During the previous decade there has been what seems to be a never-ending flow of developments that have negatively affected defined benefit pension schemes.


International Retirement Plans: Helping Build Retirement Security for your 'Global Nomads' 30 October 2012 For multinational companies, growing a business means leveraging the right talent in the right place. In the world of 'global nomads' -- expatriates and third country nationals who spend much of their working lives away from their home country -- the provision of future financial security becomes ever more important.

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