Volkswagen - e-mobility, Ecological Sustainability and Think Blue

Volkswagen has set itself the goal of being the world's most ecologically sustainable carmaker.

With "Think Blue."- the Volkswagen umbrella brand for ecologically sustainable activities - the company is now setting the pace for the future.

In line with the company's "Think Blue." philosophy, Volkswagen reduces emissions and saves raw materials, uses renewable energies and develops alternative drive technologies for its products.

Volkswagen's brand new e-up! combines zero emissions with high-tech equipment.

Additionally it incorporates the usual excellent Volkswagen quality, design and further services, such as a green energy offer and extended mobility. Put simply, it's electrifying.

The future of Volkswagen's e-mobility has started

Just at the right moment Volkswagen is providing the crucial stimuli. With high-tech electric vehicles and other innovative offerings relating to e-mobility, Volkswagen translates them from the future onto the road, because by treating e-mobility as an integrated concept, we turn the vision into reality.

Zero emission and low TCO are important for fleet

Customers with a big fleet face high costs each year that can easily reach several million Euros. Furthermore, fuel prices remain high in the medium term, which means that fleet costs can quickly escalate.

To handle the fleet efficiently, it is not enough just to put the costs per car in a balance sheet. It is much more demanding.

Of course, financial evaluations are crucial, but environmental aspects are also becoming more and more important. With the e-up!, the upfront investment might be a little higher, but the running costs are much lower.

Zero-CO2 vehicles not only have the advantage of being greener than normal combustion engines, but are also cheaper to run due to their low operating costs. Fuel consumption makes up approximately 25% of TCO.

Additionally, in a lot of countries the government has already decided on restrictions regarding consumption, CO2 and access to city centres, as well as tax benefits or other incentives to boost alternative fuels.

e-up! - Volkswagen's technological pioneer

The e-up! is a technological pioneer, which undertakes a key role in proving the innovative force of the Volkswagen brand. The full electric drive of the e-up! reduces fuel costs enormously (11,7 kWh/ 100 km) and the CO2 output goes down to zero grams. This helps to reduce the total CO2 emissions of customers' fleets.

These are the main arguments for each fleet manager, bearing in mind that even though this is a brand new technology, the usual high Volkswagen quality remains the same, as well as the fun to drive a Volkswagen.

This is possible due to a peak power of 82 hp and a maximum torque of 210 Nm from the first second.

Five doors, four seats and features such as recuperation, different eco modes and the high equipment level including drive and sound pack, LED daytime running light, reflector optics in "c-signature" rear bumper, e-up!-specific 15" light alloy wheels, a leather interior, mobile online services and remote control via cell phone, to control battery charging and air conditioning, show the high standards of this car.

As if that was not enough, Volkswagen offers an eight-year guarantee for the battery, which helps to stabilise the residual values.

The e-up! includes all items a modern and environment and cost-oriented fleet manager needs.

Professional e-dealers across Europe guarantee the best possible service, as well as fast charging possibilities. With the combined charging system (CCS) it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery so that the e-up! is ready to start on the next 160 km (NEDC).

And the "Think blue." story will be continued with the launch of the bigger brother, the e-Golf, in 2014.

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