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Iron Mountain is an information service provider which helps organisations reduce the inefficiencies, risks and costs associated with processing and managing physical and digital information.

Our information management solutions and business process management services enable companies and organisations to protect their information while keeping storage costs under control, improve their information use and realise their information advantage, optimise their business processes, and ensure proper recovery, compliance and discovery.

Information and business process management

Iron Mountain works with enterprises in financial services, public sector, healthcare, legal, retail, film and sound, energy and with small and medium-sized businesses, no matter what their information management challenges may be.

With a trusted presence in every major industry, more than 95% of the Fortune 1,000 and over 85% of the FTSE 100 companies employ Iron Mountain as their information management partner. Iron Mountain employs 21,000 professionals worldwide and maintains an unrivalled infrastructure that includes more than 1,000 facilities, ten data centres and 3,500 vehicles.

Iron Mountain assists organisations at every stage of the information lifecycle, from analysis and indexing to secure storage and back-up, the enablement of business intelligence via digitising and secure destruction.

Accounts payable enablement

Iron Mountain's business process management services efficiently and securely manage the entire inbound invoice process for organisations, regardless of the language, location or format. Enabling the accounts payable function in this way improves control and accuracy of financial information, leaving senior managers free to improve cashflow and focus on strategic management.

Records management

More than 70% of companies find it harder to locate information they own than information they don't. From indexing information to providing secure, accessible storage, Iron Mountain helps organisations develop a customised programme that fits seamlessly into their day-to-day operations and adds ongoing value.

Iron Mountain's facilities combine sophisticated security with optimal storage conditions, while allowing access to physical or scanned versions of records round the clock, seven days a week.

Bulk scanning and digitising of documents

Iron Mountain converts customers' most active and business-critical paper documents into digital formats so they can search their archives more easily and realise their information advantage. Intelligent scanning solutions are based on customers' unique requirements and range from bulk scanning of archived documents to same-day scanning as part of their workflow.

Digital information management

Consistent protection of digital data is vital to mitigate risk and compliance violations, whether the data resides on servers, PCs, laptops or in email. Iron Mountain provides secure and automated online back-up and digital archiving, accessible cloud storage services, automated classification of content and easy-to-use e-discovery solutions for litigation support.

Offsite data protection

Nine in ten companies which suffer significant data loss go out of business within two years. In the event of a significant data loss, whether it be the consequence of hacking or a natural disaster, organisations need to know a safe back-up copy of their information is available.

Alongside PC / server back-up and email archiving, Iron Mountain is a world leader in offsite data protection and disaster recovery.

Complete information management services

Since it was founded in 1951, Iron Mountain has helped more than 140,000 organisations in 39 countries realise their information advantage by providing end-to-end information management services across the information lifecycle.

A global network ensures quality processes and high organisational standards, while a local service meets the on-the-ground needs of the customer.

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