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Chevin is comprised of experienced personnel who understand the barriers to effective fleet operations

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a leading provider of fleet management software and the first company in the world to offer a web-based fleet management system, FleetWave, back in 2001. A pioneer of tackling fleet inefficiencies through the use of fleet software, Chevin has been helping organisations across the globe, of all sizes and fleet complexities, streamline processes, improve performance and reduce cost for more than two decades.

Chevin is not a typical software house. Instead, Chevin is comprised of experienced personnel who understand the barriers to effective fleet operations, and works in partnership with clients to develop fleet programmes which are flexible, intuitive and tailored to match unique fleet needs.

Understanding that investment in technology in the face of the current economic climate is a challenge for many businesses, Chevin prioritises a speedy return on investment - while providing access to management level, automated reporting to ensure quick and easily accessible statistical analysis of any pre-defined set of key performance indicators.

This in turn promotes transparency between fleet departments and the boardroom, empowers finance directors to make informed decisions without manual performance scrutiny and encourages a culture of continued improvement, fine tuning and efficiency.

Accurately estimating the operating cost of an entire fleet is arguably an impossible task. Yet, with ever dwindling headcounts - resulting in less administration resource - and without competent fleet management software, it's the only option available to many businesses. However, without really knowing what a fleet's running cost is, removing waste and the associated expense is equally as challenging.

With a flexible fleet management system from Chevin Fleet Solutions, businesses can expect to gain full visibility over all of the elements that make up their unique fleet operation - all in one place and easily decipherable. And with visibility comes control. By consolidating data into one centralised, enterprise-wide fleet programme, businesses are able to monitor and reduce financial investment and, as a result, better manage:

• lease costs and terms
• manufacturers' incentives
• daily or monthly asset utilisation
• business and personal mileage
• external maintenance and fuel usage
• CO2 emissions costs per mile
• parking fines (through early identification and automated payment)
• total cost of ownership
• compliance and risk

Fleet management isn't just a concern for fleet managers. The impact a poorly managed fleet can have on the wider organisation is limitless. Chevin Fleet Solutions offers finance directors the visibility, control and automated analysis they need to reduce fleet expenditure.

FleetWave - web-based enterprise fleet management solution

FleetWave utilises the very latest technologies to provide comprehensive fleet management for all sizes of fleet operation, using an Internet or Intranet platform.

FleetWave is a web-based application (rather than a compromised 'web enabled' system), which means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world - the only requirement being an internet connection.

FleetWave is a truly scalable solution ideal for larger or complex fleets; multilocation; multinational; multicompany and enterprise fleet management.

FleetWave has helped:

• Saint Gobain / Jewsons save £360 per driver (£250,000) by providing an expense management tool that enables drivers to directly input data
• PaperCo save 75% of fleet managers' time previously spent 'number crunching'
• Coca-Cola Korea Bottling Company gain acceptance for a new system by supporting the local language and increase visibility and accountability
• Unipart fully manage and control every aspect of their entire fleet
• West Midlands Ambulance Service by providing up-to-date information and enhanced reporting, plus helped them to improve efficiency

RoadBASE - desktop based fleet management solution

RoadBASE is the most flexible and adaptable desktop-based fleet management solution available, enabling you to control and report on all aspects of your fleet operation.

Designed for medium scale, single location fleet operations, and with the added flexibility of user definable reports and screen layouts, RoadBASE enables businesses to use in-house terminology and adapt the system to specific requirements.

RoadBASE has helped:

• East Staffordshire Borough Council produce statistics on all their rounds, vehicles and staff numbers, thereby helping them maximise vehicle usage and efficiency
• Brother by providing instant and complete control to highlight vehicle misuse and high fuel consumption
• Staffordshire Ambulance to setup the software themselves to monitor what they want in a manner that suits them
• CBVC (Contract Management company) day-to-day management of vehicle sales from initial contact through to end of contract
• Mansfield District Council by highlighting outstanding jobs in the workshop and accurate reporting on job times
• Hyundai manage their whole fleet as drivers change on a daily, sometimes hourly basis
• Arla Foods to warn them when registrations expire for the London Congestion Charging scheme
• Hays Logistics know the depot location of all vehicles at any one time for 'O' licences
• Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary have full stock control facility as they carry out their own maintenance in-house
• Stannah Lifts store 500 mobile phone details including numbers, SIM details and IMEI numbers

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