Sofico NV - Software Solutions for Automotive Finance, Leasing, Fleet and Mobility Management

Sofico is among a handful of companies supplying software for the automotive leasing and fleet management industry worldwide.

Headquartered in Ghent (Belgium), Sofico has been active in this niche market, creating car leasing software for 25 years.

Today, 135 people work at Sofico's offices in Ghent, the UK, Sydney and Tokyo. We have customers in 16 countries.

Our people

65% of Sofico's employees have been with the company for more than five years. Our employees guard our business and technical know-how. Working exclusively for the automotive leasing and fleet management industry for 25 years - a quarter of a century - Sofico has built up a strong reputation in the market.

Our people know and understand your business, enabling us to translate your needs into 'Miles' solutions.

Technological leadership

Sofico's software solution 'Miles' is a technological forerunner within the industry. Miles is up to date with the latest technical standards and is continuously evolving, based on changes and trends within the business such as the increasing importance of mobility services and mobile technology, to give but two examples.

The new Miles User Interface, which runs in a web browser and is developed in the Google Web Toolkit, makes Miles unparalleled among its peers and underlines our aim to work with 'leading edge' technology in our aim to achieve technological leadership.

Miles implementation methodology

Based on the numerous Miles implementations completed in the past ten years, we have created Miles Implementation Methodology. Our methodology is tailored specifically to our Miles solution. The overall project duration is reduced by breaking up the actual implementation into three phases.

Through several 'sprints' of development, configuration, deployment and testing within each phase, issues and bugs are picked up early and fixed. As a result, the final testing and validation phase before taking Miles into production is reduced. The overall project time has come down over time, as our methodology is further refined and improved.

Reference implementation

Our Miles leasing software comes with a pre-configured set-up, the Miles Reference Implementation. This pre-configuration of Miles is based on common processes within the leasing, as well as best practises.

In combination with Miles Implementation Methodology, the Miles Reference Implementation considerably speeds up the implementation process. Miles is highly configurable.

The reference implementation setup can be adjusted to exactly meet the customer's requirements and provide optimal support of each individual customer's business processes.

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