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This page summarises the products and services offered by industry-leading vehicle leasing and fleet management software provider Bynx. It also gives information about the company, its markets, customers and contact details.

What's required in the vehicle management industry right now is greater efficiency and streamlined processes. This will result in reduced costs, increased productivity and enhanced customer experience, which will ultimately lead to greater profits, increased brand value, better flexibility and responsiveness.

All of this will enable businesses to exploit opportunities and keep pace with market developments and ultimately enjoy greater turnover and market share.

Whether your business involves managing a fleet of vehicles, operating one or many fleets on behalf of customers, managing vehicles, contracts and drivers on behalf of a leasing and finance business, providing services (such as accident management) on behalf of auto companies or offering short-term vehicle rental, the primary requirements are the same.

In today's fast-paced, dynamic world, managing such businesses using spreadsheets is no longer effective against the rising tide of increased competition and tighter margins.

You need a better way. Since 1988, Bynx has been in the software business and in 1999 became 100% focused on designing and supplying a software platform specifically for vehicle-based businesses. The company has been working hard ever since helping customers get their operations online and harnessing the power of mobile devices and mobility.

bynxFLEET - at its core is award-winning Oracle database technology. bynxFLEET provides customers with a platform, dashboard and tools (via a set of industry-specific software modules and applications) needed to manage vehicle-based businesses.

A powerful and comprehensive financial management programme and a fully configurable rules engine can be tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Software solution for multinational vehicle leasing businesses

Our products support international businesses and multinational markets by providing a single, unified platform for the whole organisation, but with support for local and regional languages, fiscal, legal and regulatory requirements.

bynxFLEET modules include:

Prospects, quotations, procurement, contracts, billing, financial, assets, drivers, fines, fuel, tyres, licence, maintenance, short-term rental, terminations and remarketing.

bynxNET - when there are so many stakeholders to communicate with it makes sense to get your business online. Doing so makes communication easier, faster and safer. Some procedures can be automated this way too.

And when it comes to vehicle remarketing, online offers a whole new dimension of speed and efficiency - getting vehicles to market in the best way possible and sold quickly.

bynxNET gives you all the tools and fully integrated applications you need to get your business to the next level.

bynxNET modules include:

Customer portal, dealer portal, quotes, incidents, maintenance, rentals, procurement and remarketing.

bynxMOBILE - the power of mobility, for every business, but particularly transport and vehicle-based ones, cannot be ignored. Almost everyone in the workplace today operates at least one mobile device.

bynxMOBILE provides businesses with everything they need in order to launch mobile applications that enable better interaction with drivers, vehicle operators, customers, passengers and other stakeholders.

bynxMOBILE modules include:

Odo on-demand, inspection, movement, service booking, rentals reservation, driver timesheet logging, bus passenger arrival / departure and non-job card booking.

bynxSERVICES - we also deliver a full range of services including vehicle management and fleet consultancy, to enable our customers to get the most out of our products and solutions and ensure their businesses are operating in the most optimised way possible. Services include:

Analysis, consultancy, training, outsourced services and managed services (SaaS).

Customers and sectors we serve

Vehicle leasing and finance businesses, fleet management companies, fleet operators, insurance claim and accident handling service providers, vehicle remarketing companies and vehicle rental operators.

Bynx in international markets

We operate globally. Our head office is in the UK, which is also our sales and marketing hub, while we have offices in South Africa, Australia, Dubai and the US.

We have development and technical support facilities in the UK, Australia, South Africa and the UAE. We have customers in the following locations:

Australia, Benelux, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK and the US.

Our business partners

Oracle - since 1988, Independent Software Vendor - since 1999, Gold Partner - since 2002 (Epyx, Ebbon-Dacs, DriverCheck, TBS, NCC Group, Trak Global, MotorFolio, SafoEurope, expertEye and Espire).

Contact Details

Bynx Limited
34 Wellesbourne House Business Centre
Walton Road
CV35 9JB
United Kingdom
+44 1789 471600
+44 1789471601
[email protected]

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