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Historically, West Virginia has thrived on traditional energy and manufacturing industries such as coal, chemicals and polymers, aerospace, automotive and wood products. All remain valued contributors to the state's economy.

Today, the West Virginia economy is one that also includes innovation-driven, technology-based businesses, piloted by a highly skilled West Virginia workforce.

In biometrics and identification management technology, the state has a high concentration of facilities unmatched anywhere in the world.

More than $13bn in new business investments has come to West Virginia since 2005. A growing number of companies leading the advance in biometrics, biotechnology, information technology and renewable energy now operate in the state. Global companies such as Amazon.com, Toyota, DuPont, Lockheed Martin and Pratt and Whitney have already discovered the advantages of locating in West Virginia.

West Virginia energy business benefits

In energy, West Virginia ranks second in the US in exporting electricity and is playing an increasingly important role in the production of coal, wind power and natural gas. The state has the third-largest wind capacity of any eastern US state and is finding new ways to recover massive natural gas reserves from the Marcellus Shale.

West Virginia is leading the way in finding a balance between our economy and our environment through clean coal technology. West Virginia coal will be a primary source of energy as we transition to the fuels of the future.

Reduced property tax for data-based businesses

For high technology businesses, the state has demonstrated a solid commitment by eliminating certain sales taxes and significantly reducing property taxes for data-based businesses located in West Virginia. The state is a growing location for companies with extensive business services operations.

Chemical and polymer plant facilities

Within chemicals and polymers, West Virginia is home to nearly 150 manufacturing companies that employ approximately 12,800 workers. 50% of the nation's chemical and polymer plants - producing 71% of the products - are within 500 miles, a single day's trucking distance.

West Virginia tourism

Tourism attracts 11 million visitors to West Virginia each year, generating more than $3bn in economic activity for the state. Many visitors, drawn by the state's natural beauty, job opportunities, lifestyle and low cost of living, decide to make West Virginia their home.

Strategic economic development initiatives in West Virginia

In West Virginia, the approach to responsible government has produced a positive business climate and the state is clearing the way for business growth through tax cuts, workers' compensation reform, and investment in university research and other strategic economic development initiatives.

As world markets bounce back, West Virginia is well positioned as the ideal location for new and expanding European companies that want to create good jobs in West Virginia.

Business advantages in West Virginia

West Virginia provides access to:

  • A business-friendly climate
  • Skilled and flexible workforce that has earned a reputation for dedication, loyalty and low absenteeism
  • The lowest manufacturing-industry employee turnover rate in the nation
  • Low business operating costs
  • Electricity rates one-third lower than the US average
  • A strategic location with overnight delivery to more than half the US population
  • An extensive network of interstates, navigable rivers and rail systems
  • Low cost of living for employees
  • High quality of life and unparalleled outdoor recreational activities
  • A higher education system that includes 29 colleges, universities and vocational and community technical colleges; the state is consistently ranked by education publications among the nation's finest school systems for use of the internet and emerging technology

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