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In the Canton of Solothurn we are proud of our industrial tradition and our dedication to hard work. Roughly a third of jobs in the Canton are industrial jobs. The machine industry, watch-making industry and electronics industry all have a long tradition of being manufactured in the area.

Solothurn is home to many major medical technology companies such as Synthes, Stryker, Mathys, Smith & Nephew and Ypsomed. The compact industrial network and the core strengths of the region are two of the most important reasons for foreign companies to choose Solothurn as their Swiss or European location.

Our workforce can develop and manufacture the smallest components made to interlock precisely and slowly in your system. This knowledge has emerged out of the watch and metal-working industry in the area. It is a great advantage for a company to be able to employ people accustomed to working with precision instruments and paying great attention to detail. This is the reason why the products made in the Canton of Solothurn are in such high demand across the world.

Unparalleled infrastructure for easy access to profitable markets

Unparalleled infrastructure ensures quick and easy access to profitable markets and all major Swiss and European locations, enabling you to spend more time running your business instead of travelling. Either by air, from our own airport in Grenchen or one of the three Swiss airports located nearby, rail or road, you can reach destinations such as Zurich, Basel or Berne in no more than 30 minutes.

In the Canton of Solothurn you can enjoy the same advantages offered by the metropolitan areas of Switzerland but for a significantly lower price. We are the perfect alternative location compared to cities and suburbs with higher costs and few housing options. Business costs are also lower than the Swiss average here so you will increase your efficiency and profits every single day.

International companies can benefit from our highly competitive taxation opportunities if they were based in this area. These taxation opportunities would allow for privileged tax rulings for shared service centres, headquarters or group management companies.

Depending on the activities and legal structure of the company a percentage of their profits would be subject to lower tax rates and can even be excluded from taxation altogether. Specific treatments are available in the areas of economic development where the direct proportional federal tax can be omitted if special conditions are given. European and EMEA headquarters are usually set up in the cities of Solothurn, Grenchen and Olten.

Economic development services in Solothurn

Here in Solothurn, we are easygoing and pragmatic. Our cantonal administration is straightforward; the government practical and the political decision makers are accessible as they understand business concerns and act accordingly.

Solothurn is a place with no red tape, which saves money and valuable time. Entrepreneurs are surprised how fast we can find an optimal solution for any problem. SEDA, the Solothurn economic development agency, is your active ally and offers services free of charge such as:

  • Support in administrative procedures
  • Sustainable site evaluation
  • Information concerning your specific market
  • Creating sets of tailored facts and figures facilitating your decisions
  • Search for optimal real estate, office or manufacturing space and land

SEDA will also gladly put you in contact with:

  • Any relevant offices in the cantonal administration
  • Lawyers, consultants and notaries
  • Finance, tax specialists and the cantonal tax authority
  • Organisations or offices that you might need to contact
  • SEDA's own vast network

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