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PromoMadrid's main mission is to provide the best possible support to foreign companies wishing to set up and develop their business in the Madrid region, in addition to helping companies that have already started operating in the region.

Free support for companies developing their business in Madrid

In order to do this, PromoMadrid offers fully customisable and practical advice, information and support during the entire decision-making and investment process. Our specialists will accompany you in all matters related to your project on a strictly confidential basis, and totally free of charge.

Outsourcing to Madrid

Madrid offers high-value competitive-cost capabilities to companies looking to either design a global BPO delivery strategy or to establish a shared services centre. Europeans are increasingly willing to outsource to Madrid, taking advantage of the value-for-money proposition, high level of competence, geostrategic location, language skills, cultural and physical proximity, and low-risk.

As a result, Madrid has been selected as an outsourcing destination by multinationals worldwide, including HP, SAP, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Accenture, T-Systems, Steria, Ericsson, British Telecom, American Express, Avon, Daimler, Europcar, SolBank, Electronic Arts, Kraft Foods, Toys-R-Us, Roche, Praxair, Saint Gobain and American Airlines.

Promoting Spain as an IT nearshoring hub

Valueshore is a collaboration of 27 of Spain's leading IT consulting firms aimed at promoting the region as a nearshore hub for innovation in Western Europe. For many organisations outsourcing can be a daunting task. However, Valueshore aims to make outsourcing to Spain as easy and pain-free as possible by providing companies with access to the relevant information they need. This includes organising site visits, providing legal support and offering independent advice for RFP long-listing activities.

In an effort to reduce costs and increase productivity, organisations are continuing to look at outsourcing all or part of their IT operations. India and central Asia have been traditional outsourcing destinations due to their cheap labour costs. However, due to the quality of service and geographical proximity, many European businesses are now looking towards outsourcing nearer to home (aka nearshoring). Spain is quickly emerging as an attractive outsourcing destination for Europe due to its highly-skilled and value-for-money IT workforce that has great experience in delivering world-class innovative solutions to the banking, energy and utilities, telecommunications and healthcare industries in particular.

Independent quality control for outsourcing projects

In addition to helping companies understand the benefits that Spain offers, Valueshore ensures companies have the information they need to shortlist prospective partners - this includes advising on the potential tax breaks offered by specific regions and organising and funding site visits. Valueshore also has access to lawyers and contract specialists and can provide independent quality control during outsourcing projects to ensure both parties fulfil their contractual obligations.

Spanish suppliers can offer unbeatable value propositions for companies that are looking for:

  • World-class vertical industry expertise for retail banking, insurance, utilities, infrastructure management, transportation and travel services, retail and telecom, as they are based on leading projects completed for globally successful companies such as Santander, Telefonica, Iberdrola, Zara and Repsol, to name just a few
  • Complex, tight-date, high-risk IT services
  • Proximity is a must, not just for the initial phases but for the on-going operations: IT pieces requiring agile time-to-market evolution
  • Latin America is inside the scope of services. The vast majority of Spanish IT suppliers have operations and offshore centres spread over different Latam countries, achieving two main benefits: (1) a very competitive blend rate from the Spanish/Latam resource mix and (2) coverage for large differences between Latam countries' specific requirements - Latam, like Europe, has huge differences among country operations

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