Proexport - Promoting Investment in Colombia

Proexport is the government agency attached to the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, which is responsible for promoting international tourism, foreign direct investment, and non-mining energy exports (not including coffee).

The promotion of Colombia is made by providing domestic and international companies with support and integral advisory services, facilitating the design and execution of their internationalisation strategies, and with trade, legal and educational information about Colombia's market, products, services and companies. Through its eight offices within the country and 28 foreign offices in North, Central, South America, Europe and Asia, Proexport maintains a foreign presence promoting the Colombian brand globally.

Investing in Colombia

To attract FDI, Proexport has undertaken a proactive strategy that aims to show the world the advantages of investing in Colombia. This strategy includes tailor-made information not only about general aspects of Colombia, but more detailed information regarding the different sectors being promoted, as well as coordinating efficient agendas for potential investors, and facilitating the flow of information by means of contacts in the public and private sectors. Proexport gives its services to the companies free of charge and all information is confidential.

Furthermore, Proexport holds activities for the promotion of Colombia as an investment destination, including seminars and international events for both new and well established investors. In addition to working together with regional entities during the decision-making process, Proexport assists foreign entrepreneurs to get settled in different cities around Colombia and provides assistance for the companies anytime they need it, to be sure they have all they need to establish a successful business.

Colombia as an export platform

These activities display the advantages the country has to offer as an exporting platform to third-party markets that have celebrated agreements with Colombia, the benefits of duty-free zones, the incentives and strengths of non-mining energy sectors with added value like tourism and hotel infrastructure, BPO, equity funds, oil services, cosmetics, textiles and apparel, software and IT services, and construction materials, among others.

Proexport acts as a permanent companion for established investors during reinvestment processes and provides guidance as Colombia becomes an exporting platform to third-party markets. All of the above has the purpose of generating development and, with it, increased employment in Colombia.

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