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The Hamburg metropolitan region is the centre of Germany's North and has a total population of approximately five million.

Hamburg is one of the most attractive business locations in Northern Europe - not just for Germany's leading corporations, but also for many foreign companies.

Three out of four employees work in the services sector, making it the predominant segment of the region's economic structure. Beyond that, Hamburg is an important centre of industry. There are over 170,000 enterprises registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

A number of innovative growth industries are represented in Hamburg, most notably in the fields of port and logistics, life sciences, the aviation industry, and media and IT. Other key sectors are renewable energy, maritime industry and trade relations with Asia, with a particular focus on China.

HWF Hamburg Business Corporation is the partner and central point for all companies wanting to expand, restructure or relocate in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. We see ourselves as pilots, representing the interests of small and medium-sized companies within administration and institutions. Particularly in regard to commercial property, we offer comprehensive services also for your company.

Establishing a business in Hamburg

International companies planning to engage in business operations in Germany are faced with a number of questions:

  • Where can I get the market information I need?
  • What type of company would best suit my plans?
  • Which regulations have to be complied with in my field of business?
  • How do I find suitable office space, warehousing or production facilities?
  • How can I recruit the right staff?
  • How do I obtain residence and work permits?

The HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation has specialists to provide you with answers to all these questions and will direct you to external experts as required. As early as possible get in touch with your nearest HWF Representatives or the HWF-Team in Hamburg. Obtaining detailed information from our specialists (for example, regarding visas) will simplify all subsequent steps.

Ten steps to establishing a business in Hamburg

  1. Is a Visa for a business trip to Hamburg neccessary?
  2. Health insurance for your stay in Germany
  3. Accommodation in Hamburg
  4. Necessary documents for establishing a company
  5. Persons involved in establishing a company (partly optional)
  6. Corporate legal structures
  7. Searching for office space
  8. Rent subsidy
  9. Residence permit
  10. Commencing business operations.

The HWF will either directly assist in all matters listed above or put you in touch with the appropriate contacts.

Hamburg Welcome Centre

The Hamburg Welcome Centre provides a service whereby foreign executives, experts, scientists, self-employed individuals and their families can directly manage the legal aspects of immigration, consult the Hamburg Welcome Centre free of charge, and get information about working, studying, living and family care in Hamburg. Various brochures are available, and the team will gladly answer your questions regarding matters of everyday life in Hamburg.

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