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eLocalize is a localization expert with ten years of experience in the regional markets of the Middle East and Africa. It is based in Cairo, the link between Africa and Asia, and has enjoyed great success since its establishment in 2002.

Started by the North Africa Company, a regional supplier of IT hardware to localize software into Arabic, the company has grown from these small beginnings to become a major agency offering a full range of localization services.

The company complies with the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15038 (for Arabic) certified to satisfy the requirements of its long-term clients in Europe, North America and the Far East.

Translation, data engineering, DTP and material testing

eLocalize offers a full range of services including translation, data engineering, DTP and testing of all types of material, including technical documentation, user manuals, marketing materials, websites, software and multimedia.

All native-speaking translators have academic backgrounds and work in their specialized fields. The engineering teams can solve any format problem; perform data conversion, integration or extraction, essential in localization of websites, GUI, help files and software. The DTP studio personnel are specialized in the use of professional tools for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, but also have good experience in European and Asian languages and scripts.

They are able to deliver quality print-ready solutions of any scale in all languages and scripts. In-house graphic artists can create eyecatching localized illustrations for companies entering regional markets.

Secure network for client data

eLocalize has a secure network and servers to ensure that all client documents are well guarded. Upon client demand, data exchange is encrypted using a secure data transmission.

The project management office is locked and accessible only via special authorization, and entry to the whole complex is via personal data cards.

Localization services for a variety of industries

Clients range from mid-sized businesses to large, multinational corporations that share the common goal of reaching new customers and entering new markets. Fields of experience include automotive, banking and financial, heavy lifting vehicles, pharmaceutical, hospitality, general legal, mining and oil industries, software including Apple, mobiles, GPS, hardware and printers, electrical engineering, white goods, cameras, heavy machinery, maintenance and service materials and checklists, sub-titling, cosmetics, tourism and airlines, such as Etihad.

The eLocalize company believes that localization is more than just translation; it is the transformation of a company's message to meet the tastes and culture of the target market. Aside from the Cairo headquarters, eLocalize is opening a new branch office in Qatar and increasing its presence in South Africa with its new company Localize Africa moving to Stellenbosch in the Cape. These are in addition to its service office in Dubai and its sales entity in Konstanz.

eLocalize understands the cultural differences between regions and their languages. It can successfully deliver your message in local markets, presenting your products in a style that fits with the varied target locales.

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