DAFZA attracts international investors ahead of Expo 2020

Monday, May 12, 2014 by Dubai Airport Freezone Authority

After years of dedicated planning and commitment to secure the Expo 2020, Dubai has once again become the focus of global attention by winning the bid. Vision, progress, potential and ambition have made this dynamic city a place like no other, and its unique status as a safe haven for trade and industry makes it an ideal commercial hub in terms of strategy as well as geography.

Many overseas businesses are already aware of the advantages Dubai has to offer, but being aware is very different than actually seeing those advantages in operation. People will come to understand that UAE free zones are not a minefield of bureaucracy, but a straightforward, easy to navigate means of working from the Middle East's most vibrant economy, with the most advanced infrastructure and zero corporate and personal tax. Suddenly, the business dream becomes a personal reality.

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA), offers a complete and comprehensive solution for companies such as, tax and duty exemptions, full foreign company ownership, licensing and registration service, modern infrastructure and everything in between, so that DAFZA clients can concentrate on their businesses from day one. DAFZA offers a wide range of high quality offices and warehouses facilities and ensures supporting its tenants by providing fast paperwork processing, work visas, rapid customs clearance and a wealth of support services.

Setting up a new business can be very challenging, so aside from the typical benefits available at any free zone, DAFZA aims to make the process of application, registration and licensing as easy as possible. Moving into the Freezone shouldn't take longer than four weeks and DAFZA allows for simple integration with fully furnished offices, provided all legal documents are complete.

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority's steadfast motivation and ambition is to be a premier provider of business services for demanding international customers. DAFZA strives to continuously 'Raise Standards', while adding value to the UAE economy, by providing integrated business solutions, to attract regional and international investors looking for a unique business platform through service excellence.

Tri-annually, the Freezone develops a strategic plan for the years ahead. DAFZA currently has a strong focus on international markets. Despite the economic challenges of the past few years, the opportunities offered by this region, and the ever increasing interest from both Eastern and Western markets, has meant that DAFZA has continued to contribute positively to the UAE economy.

For nearly twenty years, DAFZA has been offering its customers the essential tools they need in order to profit from working out of Dubai. With 1,600 companies from across the globe and covering a vast number of key industry sectors, including aviation, freight and logistics, IT and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, engineering, food and beverage, jewellery and cosmetics, DAFZA is in the unique position of being able to provide a superior service to an elite class of companies.

In the Freezone, 39% of companies are from Europe and North America, 38% are from the GCC & Middle East, 17% from Asia, 3% from Offshore Islands, 2% from Africa and 1% from Australia. Most of the companies operating in the Freezone are from US, UK, Germany, India, France, Japan, Switzerland and Italy. Big brand names from around the world have already taken up presence in the Freezone, with the likes of Heinz, Hershey, Airbus, Johnson & Johnson and Rolls Royce.

Some of the world's most recognized brands have situated their Middle Eastern hubs with the Freezone and consistently reap the benefits of being in an emerging and exciting market.

Located next to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Airport Freezone provides unrivalled access to 24-hour logistics services, and world-class transport facilities. The Freezone also offers direct access to a number of government services, including Immigration, Customs and the Chamber of Commerce - helping to streamline red-tape and provide clear processes and guideline facilities and infrastructure. DAFZA tenants currently have access to 220 destinations, with an average of 900 flights currently leaving Dubai International Airport every day which makes business travel very easy.

Adding to further convenience, the central location of DAFZA enables quick access to main business hot spots in Dubai. Effiecncy is born out of speed and ease of functioning.

The infrastructure that will be needed for Expo 2020 will lift Dubai to new heights of global business potential. Already, the Emirate is one of the most attractive business propositions in the world in terms of logistics, and with the estimated US $7 billion worth of investment that is earmarked for further development, Dubai will become an obvious choice for the world's most influential corporations and governments to have a presence.

Keeping this in mind, DAFZA's future focus is to continue to grow, answer its customers' needs and to function as a world class business gateway for foreign inverstors.