Canton Schwyz - The Dynamic Business Location in Europe

Canton Schwyz is an attractive business location for global headquarters, service companies and manufacturing enterprises. Innovative niche players such as the manufacturers of high-quality products also find an ideal operating environment in Canton Schwyz.

Optimally located within the dynamic Zurich economic area, the highly-qualified and motivated workforce, as well as the low tax burden for legal entities and private individuals, offers you genuine entrepreneurial advantages.

Business location at the centre of Switzerland

Canton Schwyz is part of the 'Greater Zurich Area', one of the most important business, trade and exhibition centres in Europe. The A3 and A4 motorways, as well as the Gotthard railway, mean that the companies and inhabitants of Canton Schwyz have excellent links to the European transport network. Zurich Airport, the 'gateway to the world', can be reached within 40 to 60 minutes by car.

Highly-qualified and motivated employees in Canton Schwyz

You will find highly-qualified employee potential in Canton Schwyz. Thanks to the social partnerships, which have proven their worth over many decades, the Swiss labour market exhibits an extremely high social stability. Switzerland's established and liberal Employment Act has a positive impact on the dynamic labour market.

Optimum tax environment

Legal entities:

  • Canton Schwyz is one of the most attractive tax locations in Switzerland and Europe
  • Profit tax is offset against capital tax. If profit tax exceeds capital tax, because of this offset, only profit tax is owed
  • Taxes are deemed to constitute business expenses and are deductible when calculating taxable profit


  • Private individuals in Canton Schwyz enjoy very attractive income and asset tax rates
  • Entrepreneurs domiciled in Canton Schwyz benefit from privileged taxation of dividends
  • Canton Schwyz is the only canton in Switzerland not to impose any inheritance or gift taxes whatsoever

Pfäffikon: centre of specialised financial service providers

Pfäffikon SZ has become a significant part of Zurich's financial community in the space of 15 years. The financial centre of Pfäffikon SZ has attracted many specialised financial service providers, including asset managers, private equity firms and hedge funds.

Over 150 specialised financial service providers offer a significant number of jobs in the region of Pfäffikon SZ. This includes well-known companies such as Man Investments, LGT Capital Partners, Picard Angst Asset Management, aeris Capital, ARVEST Privatbank, BZ Bank Aktiengesellschaft, Cevian Capital, and others, which form the cluster Finance Valley Lake Zurich Pfäffikon.

Business location for positive economic development and advancement

The business location Canton Schwyz is varied and will continue to offer clear structures for positive economic development and advancement. Canton Schwyz is the ideal dynamic basis for market leaders and niche players in the sectors of life science, cleantech, precision technology and international headquarters. A selection of important companies:

  • Pharmaceutical sector: Allergan, Octapharma, Takeda Pharma
  • Chemical / medical technology sector: Dow Europe, Estée Lauder, Gerresheimer Küssnacht
  • Precision technology sector: Victorinox, Bosch Rexroth Schweiz, Swagelok
  • International headquarters: Kühne + Nagel International, OC Oerlikon Management, Briggs & Stratton

Schwyz - the cradle of Switzerland

This is Schwyz: breathtaking scenery, active tradition, world-renowned cultural treasures and history all converge in a dynamic setting. Natural wonders - such as the karstic rock formations and alpine virgin forest in Muotatal, upland moors, lakes in the foothills of the Alps or spectacular views from Fronalpstock and the Rigi - are not the only reason to take time and explore the area.

Culture and history are also inextricably linked to the region: the Federal Charter of 1291 and other important original documents related to the founding of Switzerland, historic patrician manors and the monastery in Einsiedeln with its world-famous abbey library. Tradition and trades of old come alive in a modern setting, with festivities and events all over the year.

Client-focused and efficient public authorities in Canton Schwyz

As an entrepreneur in Canton Schwyz or as a Swiss or non-domestic investor, you will profit from the professional support provided by the Economic Development Canton Schwyz team.

Canton Schwyz actively supports the transfer of knowledge and technology, thus enabling technical and business know-how to flow simply and quickly into corporate products and services.

Companies within Canton Schwyz profit from an established and professional network of specialist institutions such as universities, universities of applied science and technology centres.

We are looking forward to informing you about your business opportunities in Canton Schwyz in a personal meeting. Simply contact us!

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