Berne Economic Development Agency - Support and Assistance for Relocations

Berne Economic Development (BEDA) is a one-stop shop for companies wishing to locate to and expand in the Canton of Berne.

Support and assistance for business set-up in Berne

We provide you with free support and assistance in your search for location and setting up a business in the Canton of Berne. BEDA offers:

  • Individual site evaluation visits
  • Tax holidays and other financial contributions
  • Arranging grants for R&D activities
  • Assistance in your site search and in provision of premises and realty
  • Information on work permits and residence permits, national insurance, building permission, etc.

To help you start-up in the Canton of Berne as easy as possible, we can put you in touch with industry professionals, ranging from local authorities and federal institutions, education institutes, universities of applied sciences and industrial and cluster organisations, to financial service providers and venture capitalists, consultants and lawyers, and other networks.

Well-developed business infrastructure

The Canton of Berne enjoys a well-developed infrastructure, low rates of company taxation, an outstanding education and training system, and a well-qualified workforce that is able to speak several languages.

Its central location within Switzerland and Europe makes it ideal for servicing European sales markets. As the capital city, Berne is the political centre of Switzerland, thus providing for close contact with politicians and administrative authorities.

Economic development and industry-specific networks

A key role in economic development is played by the various cluster organisations. Companies, research establishments and education and training establishments, along with the public sector, have pooled their forces and established industry-specific networks to facilitate networking and knowledge and technology transfer.

Highly specialised SMEs have also located in the canton of Berne, operating as suppliers all over the world.

The Berne Capital area is known for its outstanding know-how in the precision industry thanks to its tradition in watch-making and the steadily growing sectors of medical technology, ICT, and green technologies. It also boasts highly qualified personnel in these segments.

Many international companies have their headquarters in the Canton of Berne, including Swatch Group, Omega, Longines, Rado Montres Hermès, eBay International, Pepsico, Cemex, Harting, DeTeWe, Ypsomed, Staar Surgical, Straumann, Medtronic, Roche Diagnostics, CSL Behring and Orange Communications

High-calibre education and expat activities

The Canton of Berne has excellent schools such as the University of Berne and the Berne University of Applied Sciences. The universities work closely with companies around the world. There are excellent opportunities and further training for children, teenagers and adults from all countries.

The Berne Economic Development Agency (BEDA) presents many activities for managers that work in the Canton of Berne to build up a personal network. These include the Expat breakfast (four times per year), international clubs and the Berne International Business Cocktail (in November of each year).

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Berne Economic Development Agency
Münsterplatz 3
CH-3011 Berne
+41 31 633 41 20
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