Atlantic Canada - A Competitive Business Location for ICT Companies

Atlantic Canada has one of North America's most competitive business climates. With over 58% of high-tech companies working in information and communication technology (ICT), Atlantic Canada has the key components needed to ensure the successful corporate expansion of your company.

Nearshoring of information technology services

Atlantic Canada is an ideal location for the nearshoring of information technology services as it provides a location geographically close to the US and in similar time zones, dedicated workers - among the lowest rates of turnover and absenteeism in North America - and low business costs - Canada leads the G7 countries in terms of low business costs.

Atlantic Canada is equipped with world-class connectivity which means companies can efficiently and confidently share and distribute information across the Atlantic or from major cities across North America. Moreover, the region offers a fully digital telecommunications system and a robust wide broadband network.

Access to a skilled workforce

In Atlantic Canada you will have access to skilled graduates from 17 universities and beyond, and take advantage of university and college co-operative education programs. Our universities enroll students from over 100 countries around the world and offer a full-range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Atlantic Canada success stories

Success stories from the region include social media monitoring firm Radian6, sold to; Q1 Labs, a developer and provider of IT security intelligence products that have officially piqued the interest of technology giant IBM; and SheepDog Inc., an industry leader in the development of Google Apps and developer of a popular widget to help athletes, coaches and journalists get real-time medal updates via mobile devices at the Beijing Olympics.

"The ICT sector is one of the areas where Atlantic Canada can shine. The educated and committed people in the region are the most important reason for this," says Marcel LeBrun, senior vice-president and general manager for Salesforce Radian6. "There's a lot of potential for growth and I think success, like the kind we've had so far, could just be the tip of the iceberg."

Companies around the globe have discovered the benefits of doing business in Atlantic Canada, and now we invite your company to join these companies and be part of a growing ICT cluster.

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