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What drives ARI? First and foremost, our customers' business goals.

Our real-world fleet professionals - including a global network of top fleet management providers - dig deeper and go farther to unlock every bit of fleet performance and value for our customers.

Founded in 1948, Automotive Resources International has grown into one of the world's largest fleet management companies. Trusted by fleet decision makers everywhere, ARI is known for world-class service and solutions that accommodate even the most complex fleets.

ARI is built upon a foundation of unparalleled expertise, exceptional service and continuous innovation.

Together with our Global Fleet Services partners, across a broad, multitextured landscape of diverse cultures, governments and languages, ARI manages more than two million vehicles around the world, including fleets of every kind and complexity. But perhaps the most important thing to remember - no matter where you are, ARI is close enough to help.

A history of service

ARI's parent company, Holman Automotive, was founded on family values with a passion for customer satisfaction. Its mission is "to provide the industry's best automotive related services by earning the loyalty and exceeding the expectations of each and every customer."

Employees throughout the group's 25 operating companies know that nothing is more important to the Holman family than ensuring that everyone delivers superior customer service at each of its locations.

Complex made simple

ARI specialises in complex fleets. That's important to remember, because ARI continually invests in the technology, people and processes to ensure leadership in category.

When it comes to managing complex global reporting, safety, fleet administration, supply chain, right-sizing, maintenance spend and sustainability projects, ARI maintains a reputation for excellence.

  • More than 65 years of experience
  • Personnel who are absolutely driven to deliver
  • More than 2,400 skilled professionals in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, UK and Europe
  • Vast supplier network delivers savings, service and supply

World-class handling of global fleets

Handling tough global fleet challenges is a way of life at ARI, with demonstrated management success in the following key areas:

  • Unpredictable global supply chains
  • Critical data integration and reporting
  • Upfitting for different vehicle types
  • Mixed fleets spread over multiple countries and continents
  • Environmental regulatory and safety compliance
  • Industries with difficult work conditions

Technology that's second to none

ARI's powerful global reporting tools collect, synthesise and analyse fleet cost data from many sources around the world, and custom-fit that data to your business.

ARI is the only fleet management company in the world to provide breakthrough data processing technology that's up to 3,600 times faster than any other reporting tool in the fleet industry today.

That kind of power represents unprecedented gains in productivity, as well as the ability act on your findings instantly and make better decisions overall.

ARI insights® is a web-based fleet management system that enables clients to forecast vehicle needs and costs with accuracy. ARI insights packages the data in local currency and provides all necessary conversions, allowing you to easily benchmark costs across countries.

Quality assurance

You need a fleet company that will keep your vehicles safe and on the road, drive costs down and answer the phone whenever you call - and all according to your high standards. Partners In Excellence® (PIE) is ARI's quality assurance programme, comprised of three core elements designed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Our highly-qualified consultants are up-to-date on the latest advances and developments to improve fuel consumption and reduce carbon footprint. ARI will work with you to design a customised, comprehensive solution and gain a competitive edge.

Social responsibility

Our company shares a history of giving back to the community in many ways. We believe that our support and participation will not only have a positive effect on the community, but on the lives of our employees as well.

Partner with the best

When you partner with ARI, you make a connection with our people, systems and processes everywhere. You share in the transfer of knowledge, technology and best practice skills of ARI operations around the world. We become an extension of your business. And that's a relationship you can count on for superb fleet management anywhere.

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