Invest in Canada - A Top Destination for International Business and Foreign Direct Investment

With its robust economy, strong business fundamentals, world-class talent, capacity for innovation and abundant energy resources, Canada is a top destination for international business and foreign direct investment.

Whether your company is considering establishing its own operations in Canada, seeking a Canadian partner or gaining a Canadian base for access to North American markets, Invest in Canada will be pleased to provide you with the right support for your Canadian investment project.

Canada: a strong, stable and diversified economy

The diversity and strength of Canada's economy is evident in its consistent and outstanding performance. For much of the past decade, the Canadian economy expanded faster than that of any other G-7 country and is expected to be among the top G-7 performers for the coming years.

Canada's economic strength is underpinned by one of the world's most sophisticated and stable financial and banking systems, ranked as the most sound in the world by the World Economic Forum for the fifth consecutive year.

Easy access to markets

Companies operating in Canada can count on fast, reliable access to North American and overseas markets. Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), companies in Canada have ready access to a massive market with an annual economic output valued at US $18 trillion, which includes Canada, the US and Mexico.

As the second-largest recipient of global FDI inflows per capita in the G-20 from 2007 to 2011, Canada is also committed to opening new markets, thereby increasing the value of investment in Canada and spurring continued global recovery through free and open trade.

Innovation and world-class talent

Canada offers an appealing environment for leading-edge research and innovation in several regional clusters across the country. Canada generously supports private-sector innovation through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) programme and related tax incentives. Canada further offers targeted support to the auto and aerospace sectors, and programmes for innovation in small and medium-sized businesses.

Canada's highly educated, flexible and multicultural workforce is ideally suited to today's knowledge-based economy. Canada's workforce is underpinned by a world-class education system that includes some 100 universities and more than 130 colleges. As one of the world's most cosmopolitan countries -more than 200 languages are spoken here every day - Canada offers tangible advantages to companies seeking to serve a global marketplace.

A cost competitive destination that offers outstanding quality of life

Canada's business-operating costs are the second-lowest in the G-7. A key factor in Canada's superior economic performance is a decade-long plan to reduce corporate income taxes. With the average income-tax rate now reduced to 26%, Canada's rates are well below those of most other G-7 countries.

At the same time, Canada's quality of life provides a significant advantage for international investors when it comes to relocating their top talent. The Canadian way of life is inclusive and respectful of diversity and creativity - precisely the characteristics knowledge workers look for in a global marketplace. Canadian cities are safe, a reflection of widespread social stability. In addition, Canadian cities are recognised worldwide for their outstanding liveability, quality of life and attractiveness, further enhancing Canada's reputation as a destination of choice.

Invest in Canada: services you can count on

Invest in Canada is responsible for ensuring that foreign investors have the information and help they need to make successful investments in Canada. We work closely with partners across Canada to deliver the market intelligence, connections and support business investors need to identify and capitalise on opportunities. We also have a global network of investment and trade professionals, present in more than 150 cities worldwide, to assist you in making Canada your next investment destination.

Once you have contacted our investment and trade professionals, you can count on excellent and confidential service, free of charge. Canada's Investment professionals will provide you with strategic intelligence and put you in touch with the right decision-makers in Canada.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Strategic market intelligence on your specific sector
  • Pathfinding for key government contacts engaged in supporting investment in Canada
  • Referrals to investment support professionals, such as lenders, lawyers, accounting firms, information specialists and private-sector industry associations
  • Facilitation of site visits to support you in the identification of a strategic location
  • Information and advice on: how to set up a business in Canada, taxation and immigration, Canada's advantageous R&D tax credit system, regulations, financial and non-financial government programmes specific to your sector
  • Assistance in developing a business case for your next investment decision

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