Baxters Food Group

Monday, June 13, 2016 by Oracle Modern Finance

"Our business has grown phenomenally. Over the last 12 years we've undertaken 10 acquisitions. As a result of these changes, the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud service is going to be really fundamental in how the finance team can help move the business forward.

Rather than spending a lot of time trying to gather in data and putting it into spreadsheets, the finance team will be able to control the quality of the data that's being inputted, but also spend a lot more time analysing what the information is saying to us, making sure we know what our cash flow is going to be doing for the next few months - and, actually, then next two or three years as well.

The benefits I'm expecting are, first of all, efficiency across a number of areas. I'm expecting to have a much quicker process which means less people spending a lot of time putting in information. I'm expecting there to be more control over the process. That leads me on to de-risking. One of the things that I'm personally really worried about is having so many spreadsheets in the business. We're going to de-risk.

We are going to have a solution where we don't have to worry about calculations and we don't have people customising anything, the solution will provide the output. We just have to worry about what content is going in there. The other major benefit I am expecting is vastly reduced working capital. From a better forecasting process and better quality of information coming in from our production requirement, I'm going to be targeting the business with a 10 percent reduction in our working capital."

Heather Metcalfe, Group CFO