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Global Transaction Banking (GTB) at UniCredit combines the local expertise of more than 2,000 professionals with the knowledge and experience of a truly sophisticated global transaction bank

UniCredit is a well established European commercial bank, with leadership positions in Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland and a strong presence in other high-growth CEE countries. We are one of the largest European networks, with almost 10,000 branches and more than 35 million active customers.

With roughly 9,500 professionals in nearly 50 countries, corporate and investment banking serves corporate and institutional clients out of the largest group of network banks in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Committed to long-term partnerships with clients across all sectors, our relationship managers and product specialists create tailor-made solutions in a strategic dialogue with our clients and according to the three pillars of our mission:

•Corporate banking and transaction services
•Capital markets, structured finance and investment products
•Access to Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Global transaction banking (GTB)

Global transaction banking (GTB) at UniCredit combines the local expertise of more than 2,000 professionals with the knowledge and experience of a truly sophisticated global transaction bank.

Its diverse and proven set of core competencies in the fields of cash management and e-banking, trade finance, supply chain finance, structured trade and export finance and global securities services has won widespread recognition, as shown by the many international awards it regularly receives.

Cash management and e-banking

UniCredit enjoys a strong reputation as a provider of cash management and e-banking solutions. With an individual approach to our customers' requirements, our cash management specialists take account of the complete financial value chain.

Our specialists start with an in-depth analysis of processing and cash flow management, then move on to day-to-day electronic banking, and finally find the most effective solutions for managing group wide European liquidity position and assets.

We keep seeking ways to improve our customers' current cash management activities and of catering to specific demands to their utmost satisfaction. With a focus on European and CEE markets, cash management and e-banking constitute two of the core business activities of the group.

These areas bring together the various countries where we operate while integrating considerations relating to new technical, regulatory and political developments, such as SOX*, Basel II and III and SEPA.

EuropeanGate for customers with access to all UniCredit banks

UniCredit is a large, European-wide collection of major banks, and as such has created a specialised solution called the EuropeanGate to increase the ease with which corporate customers can do business with any UniCredit member.

EuropeanGate is UniCredit's solution for fulfilling corporate requirements for centralised payment management. It provides facilities to access all accounts within UniCredit via one bank connectivity.

EuropeanGate provides our customers with access to all UniCredit banks (currently spanning 19 countries) via one bank - but still operates as if the accounts were based in the respective country. EuropeanGate perfectly supports the idea of centralising payment transaction activities within a shared service centre or similar. EuropeanGate requires only one agreed communication line between bank and customer. UniCredit then forwards the file (and if necessary converts into the target country format) to the respective execution bank within UniCredit.

Physical and non-physical cash pooling services

UniCredit provide a number of physical and non-physical cash pooling services. On the physical side, zero balancing and target balancing are two key solutions, with zero balancing available in EUR, USD, CZK, GBP and PLN.

Notional pooling and margin pooling are the key non physical solutions. Notional pooling is offered in environments where the legislation imposes no fiscal or legal constraints and is only possible within one bank country and currency.

Structured trade and export finance

Globalisation and new challenges in the international economic environment are resulting in increased of uncertainties and risk. Fulfilling contractual terms and conditions, providing timely delivery and receiving reliable payments are a must.

It is good to have a partner which, besides financing expertise, can also offer support with solid risk mitigation. UniCredit offers the full range of financing products, which are: export finance, commodity trade finance and receivable finance.

Transactional sales and trade services

Transactional sales and trade services focus on providing high-quality correspondent banking, trade and supply chain finance services to serve both financial institutions and corporates worldwide by leveraging on UniCredit's global reach and unique positioning.

The offering to corporations ranges from the most traditional products and services - such as letters of credit, guarantees, documentary collections, forfaiting etc - to highly innovative business solutions such as supply chain finance.

The key objective of supply chain finance is the company-wide optimisation of the cash-flow along the physical supply chain. The focus lies increasingly on measures to optimise receivables and payables from trade businesses.

UniCredit has developed holistic solutions that can support clients end-to-end throughout the supply chain cycle, starting from the first bid to suppliers until the final payment of receivables, therefore optimising working capital and making processes more efficient.

Moreover, UniCredit acts as single gateway to Europe, offering first-class Euro and local CEE currency clearing and settlement services. The strategic position in Western as well as Central and Eastern Europe, together with a qualified network of correspondent banks, broadens UniCredit coverage to 150 countries allowing us to facilitate and support our customers' worldwide foreign trade activities.

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