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Erste Group was founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank. In 1997, Erste Group went public with a strategy to expand its retail business into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Since then its customer base has grown through numerous acquisitions and organic growth from 600,000 to more than 17 million. 95% of all clients are citizens of the European Union, which gives them a stable regulatory framework that supports their economic development.

Today, Erste Group, with over 50,000 employees, is one of the largest financial services providers in CEE in terms of clients and total assets. The group has always focused on retail and SME banking, serving more than 17 million customers in 3,200 branches in eight countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine).

Financial supply chain

Erste Group is the ideal partner to help you manage your working capital. We provide you with the time and means to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Our group corporate and investment banking division (GCIB) serves large corporations with domestic or multi-national business. With hubs in Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Kiev, Prague, Novi Sad, and Zagreb, as well as operators in major financial centres such as London and New York, we have evolved into a regional banking group, offering in-depth knowledge of local markets.

We offer a broad range of products and services to our corporate customers. We provide them with a top-notch relationship management team, applying unique client coverage approach, a dedicated corporate cash management team, and a highly specialised payments and account management team.

Corporate cash management services

If you are worried about having to deal with too many documents, account managers and banks, consider working with a single banking group. At Erste Group we assign a single point of contact for our clients, taking care about account openings, account closings and the authorisations for account access, account operation and electronic banking.

The different countries, languages and cultures of CEE are characterised by fast-developing financial infrastructures. We accept your payment orders in a multitude of formats such as SEPA XML, SWIFT MT101, EDIFACT and various local formats.

If you manage a network of branch offices, we can also offer you a variety of cash related services like cash collection and cash distribution.

Card processing services

Expand your customers’ payment options and increase turnover with safe and convenient card processing services from Erste Group. Our merchant acquiring services enables your business to accept credit cards and debit cards for your domestic and cross-border business.

Electronic banking systems

Today, a variety of payment methods can be incorporated into company-wide IT systems. Therefore, improving technology is making the use of electronic banking solutions much more attractive. Electronic banking systems ensure speed and security of the transaction processing chain – from verification and authorisation to clearing and settlement.

This system provides you with timely access to your accounts and is a cost-effective way to handle your payables and receivables, both locally and internationally. Our specialists are ready to assist you in choosing one of our electronic banking solutions for your company such as internet banking, MultiCash and other alternative channels.

Liquidity management / cash pooling products

Ensuring that your cash resources are successfully used is a complex undertaking. With Erste Group’s cash pooling products you gain a truly consolidated and up-to-date view of all cash positions in your company.

An important basis for efficient cash management is information on account balances based on which interest results can be optimised by off-setting credit and debit balances. This avoids overdraft charges, interest payments and costly short-term borrowing. Our offers are notional pooling, zero-balancing cash pooling, cross-border cash pooling and cross-border cross-currency margin pooling.

Erste Group has won several awards such as Bank of the Year in Austria, Czech Republic and Romania (Banker Award 2009) as well as the Bank of the Year in Hungary (Figyelõ Award 2009).

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