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With many new trends, developments and innovations, markets are changing. And so is the job market. Employees need new ways of working and new forms of mobility. They don't necessarily just want to go from A to B, they want to feel connected with their colleagues and their customers. Employers are keen to meet this need with sustainable, flexible mobility solutions. But at the same time they also want to save costs.

All this requires a new vision of mobility, uniting employers' ambitions and employees' needs.

At Athlon Mobility Consultancy we can help you restructure your mobility policy to meet those needs. With an integral approach across the organisation, we analyse your mobility offerings and requirements from various perspectives, based on the pillars of:

  • cost efficiency
  • sustainability
  • being an employer of choice.

Athlon Mobility Consultancy is a subsidiary of Athlon International. Both organisations are part of De Lage Landen, which is fully owned by Rabobank.

More and more employees feel it is important to be given some responsibility for deciding how and when to travel. As such, a good mobility policy adds value to the terms of employment. Furthermore, employees who have lots of flexibility and choice with regard to mobility are often more motivated and productive. The employer benefits from improved efficiency (in terms of time and money), an increase in sustainability and greater employee satisfaction. All aspects ultimately translate into higher business profits.

Three-step process

Sound and sustainable mobility advice starts with the basics. Athlon Mobility Consultancy has developed a lean and innovative three-step process that offer insight into your organisation's current mobility situation.

Mobility Audit: Our service starts always with a full Mobility Audit of your company. This scan focuses directly on your fleet or in a broader sense on your total mobility policy. Where are the problem areas? Where can savings be made? We generate this input by mapping the different stakeholders' mobility requirements by means of online analysis, industry benchmarking, tools and internal workshops.

Mobility Optimiser: This resulting 'picture' brings us to step two, the Mobility Optimiser, as it forms the basis to chart your existing mobility schemes and how they affect HR, IT, your total cost of mobility and - above all - allows us to recommend how it can be done cheaper and better. We distinguish ourselves by providing you with different innovative solutions like car-sharing or implementing a mobility card throughout your organisation.

Momas: Step three of the process is our mobility management system Momas. Momas is a sophisticated web application tool, with which you can register and manage all your mobility agreements online. These might include your own or lease vehicles, mileage allowances, parking costs and mobility cards. Momas also manages the mobility allowances given to employees, thus relieving your HR department of the burden. Momas also manages the mobility agreements with lease and public transport companies. The costs related to these agreements are automatically processed by Momas, thus supporting your financial department. In this way MOMAS allows you to focus on the employee instead of the contracts and in this capacity already manages 40,000 mobility contracts across Europe.

By implementing our innovative three-step consultancy process, real cost savings are created. On average, we have generated savings of 5-10% on our customers' total mobility spend.

With its unique tools and processes, Athlon Mobility Consultancy can offer you coordinated, independent and sustainable mobility and fleet management advice, enabling you to make the right mobility choices for the future:

  • choices that empower employers to reduce costs and gain efficiency.
  • choices that create a more harmonised work/life balance for employees.
  • choices that ultimately benefit the organisation as a whole.

To us, mobility is an essential and integral part of any organisation and we believe this integrated approach provides the greatest synergies for employers and employees alike. At Athlon Mobility Consultancy, mobility is more than just getting from A to B. It's about connecting people regardless of space or time.

Re-think your connection.

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