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The intrinsic value of a corporation is based upon its ability to drive free cash flow in a predictable fashion. Corporations today are challenged by manual processes, disparate systems and lack of workflow automation.

Optimise liquidity management

Now more than ever, corporations are looking to develop a liquidity management strategy that is sustainable and dynamic. To do so, they will have to rely on their ability to increase the velocity of free cash flow, mitigate risk, improve productivity and foster connectivity across the ecosystem of suppliers, buyers, banks and other trading partners.

SunGard's AvantGard helps address these requirements by offering holistic applications designed to drive stringent treatment of trade receivables, sophisticated treasury and cash management and coordinated execution of payment processing.

More than 1,800 organisations and more than 25,000 professionals in 40 countries rely on AvantGard to:

• Increase cash flow and lower bad debt expense
• Improve visibility to cash and risk
• Decrease manual processing and redundancy
• Streamline internal operations
• Foster collaboration across the EcoSystem

Foster connectivity across the EcoSystem

AvantGard optimises receivables, treasury and payments operations and then helps corporations connect across the EcoSystem, helping buyers, suppliers, banks and other trading partners to reduce friction and increase the velocity of free cash flow.

With the ability to manage and track cash flows, capital allocation, capital at risk and intraday liquidity, our customers can optimise, predict and protect their liquidity and thus help maximise the intrinsic value of their corporation.

Holistic approach to solution delivery

We recognise that SunGard's AvantGard customers are at the centre of this mission. That means we listen, we are empathetic and that our customer's business requirements provide the blueprint for our future.

This discipline is woven into the DNA of our organisation. As your trusted partner we are reaching out today to learn how we can best serve you.

For this reason, we offer a comprehensive services programme that includes embedding best practices, full scale implementation, detailed training and ongoing support services. We also offer ASP and hosted solution delivery, as well as application management and system integration.

AvantGard payments

With increasing attention being paid to the topic of liquidity, corporations are under ever more pressure to devise ways to manage their cash more effectively. Many corporations today are managing their payments processing and bank accounts in one of three ways -- regionally, at the business unit level or at the subsidiary level.

While these methods may offer a certain degree of flexibility, at the same time they often result in poor visibility and high operational costs, as well as the potential for fraud-related risk.

Additionally, emerging regulatory frameworks, such as the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and Sarbanes-Oxley, pressure corporations to re-think the payments and cash management processes.

A payment factory helps multinational organisations to realise company-wide centralisation of payment processing connectivity with local subsidiaries; allowing payment capture and processing, account statement retrieval and reconciliation within a single centralised solution.

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