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The outsourcing market has evolved over the years, which has led to traditional models of sourcing advisory lagging behind. Source is a new type of advisory firm. It organises itself into two outsourcing disciplines: IT outsourcing and business services outsourcing, each of which has its own toolkit, knowledge base and approach.

Independent advice, expertise and support for outsourcing

Source combines independent advice and expertise as well as practical support and hands-on training. Its customers say that it is transforming the way in which they work with their strategic suppliers.

Simplifying outsourcing and sourcing

Source passionately believes that outsourcing or insourcing should have a positive impact on everyone involved. It does not think outsourcing needs to be complicated. Source understands why deals fail and works hard to make sure that you succeed. It will only ever give you an honest, informed opinion and will never say yes simply because it's what you want to hear.

Buyers and suppliers for outsourced services

Source has been both a buyer and supplier of outsourced services so knows how to help. Source will work with you over the lifetime of your sourcing deal, staking its reputation on making it successful.

Outsourcing success rate

Source has an enviable track record of 100% success for its deals and stakes its reputation on ensuring that every deal that it works on has a positive outcome.

Working with Source will reduce the time it takes to complete your outsourcing transaction, while dramatically increasing the chances of a positive outcome as it works collaboratively with you and your suppliers to ensure mutually beneficial results.

Sourcing advisory service

Source employs a new breed of sourcing advisor, measured on client and supplier satisfaction and the successful outcome of each transaction. Advisors are motivated to provide you with the support you require as and when you need it and at the scale you want. This could be a single day workshop, expertise on an individual subject matter or the management of an entire transaction.

Experts in outsourcing

Source has been recognised for its outsourcing expertise by the MCA and the NOA, where one of its projects was recently shortlisted for the NOA's business process outsourcing project of the year 2011.

Outsourcing for retail, manufacturing, legal services, media and travel

Source's skills are transferrable and it is proud to have experience in all sectors. There are five key industries where Source has considerable insight into the market dynamics, best in class providers and latest trends. The five key industries are:

  • Retail and CPG
  • Manufacturing
  • Legal services
  • Media
  • Travel and leisure

To find out more about the customers that Source works with and how it operates please email [email protected]


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