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TGold is a new cloud computing or software-as-a-service (SaaS) treasury management solution developed and globally marketed by TGold Software, a sister company of Salmon Software.

Founded in 1985, Salmon specialises in foreign exchange and treasury management software for blue chip international companies including Fexco, Ryanair and Securitas. TGold is its first cloud computing treasury management offering and is aimed at medium sized organisations which want to benefit from cost effective online, automated treasury management.

Automated treasury management solutions for corporate treasurers

Corporate treasurers are under increased pressure to manage time, resources and compliance. Current corporate governance requires that corporate treasurers, regardless of size of their organisation, need to conform to current and upcoming regulatory standards.

The majority of corporate treasurers still use unwieldy spreadsheets instead of automated treasury management solutions (TMS) to manage this function. In the past the high cost of acquiring traditional in-house software systems has been cited as the main reason for this but now TGold brings low-cost, easy-to-use, cloud-based treasury management solutions to the market.

Foreign exchange transaction management

TGold allows businesses to automate, manage and increase the accuracy of its foreign exchange transactions by making payments in local and foreign currencies, book money market and FX trades, access management reports on currency positions and balances as well as providing an accurate audit trail of trades and payment instructions.

In the past such a system would have cost businesses a six figure investment in hardware, software and implementation. This is now available on a cloud based subscription model with no other costs which means companies of all sizes can now better manage their Forex transactions. Key benefits of TGold include:

  • No software licence fees
  • No hardware costs
  • No installation charges
  • No implementation charges
  • No on-going support charges
  • No training costs
  • No upgrade costs

SaaS treasury management replaces inefficient spread sheets

Spreadsheet-based solutions are less and less being considered a practical long-term treasury management tool. There is a general worldwide move towards improved corporate governance. Accountancy firms are increasingly insisting that clients conduct their treasury processing in a fully auditable structure.

The International Accounting Standards Board is urging corporate treasurers to implement IFRS 9 to replace the existing IAS 39 standard. IFRS 9 will require corporate treasurers to recognise any outstanding derivatives, (eg. forward foreign exchange contracts) at fair value, which is defined as the amount for which an asset can be exchanged at prevailing market prices.

Treasury management reporting

A major feature of the TGold system is that it produces a suite of management reports to include confirmations, instructions and maturity ladders. Crucially, TGold produces a mark-to-market revaluation, a key element in satisfying IFRS 9, to ensure that corporate treasurers have all the information required at their fingertips.

TGold runs on, the gold standard and pioneer of cloud computing and SaaS but TGold users do not have to be existing Salesforce customers.

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