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Since 1994, PowerPlan has been a leading software solution to help businesses optimise their financial performance. The solution was specifically developed to help executives understand how compliance requirements, such as the new IFRS Standards, impact their business. PowerPlan offers a complete lease accounting solution backed by the expertise and support of team members in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

PowerPlan's Lease Accounting Suite supports compliance with IFRS 16

PowerPlan software provides complete lifecycle accounting solutions for all capital and operating leases, including equipment, real estate, embedded and purchase power agreements. With a central repository that serves as a foundation for reporting on lease inventories, PowerPlan helps your company build a consistent lease management policy.

PowerPlan currently manages over £20 billion in leased assets for companies of all sizes. Companies select PowerPlan because of its commitment to continually update the software to meet new regulatory requirements. Complete integration between lessee and lessor solutions simplifies inter-company leasing and subleasing activities.

Lessee Accounting

PowerPlan's Lessee Accounting module equips your team with tools that help comply with the new IASB lease accounting standards. It's compatible with multiple accounting treatments, including IFRS and IASB, and supports bookkeeping, future expense forecasting, investment management, workflow approvals and reporting. The solution provides:

  • A complete asset management tool that functions as a standalone system, or can be integrated with industry leading capital asset solutions.
  • Automated processes that reduce the risk of audits by eliminating spreadsheets and manual tasks, ensuring accurate billing, reporting and documentation.
  • A single integrated data repository that reduces IT costs and provides the transparency you need to make better strategic decisions.
  • Extensive optioning capabilities, making it easy to create highly accurate schedules/payments, from the onset of the lease through retirement.
  • A convenient mobile interface that lets you approve MLAs, ILRs and payments from any location.

Lessor Accounting

To comply with new IFRS and FASB standards, and their increased emphasis on disclosure reporting, organisations today need a solution that enables complete transparency into lessor portfolios, and improves traceability and recognition of lease receivables.

PowerPlan not only serves as a repository for all lessor agreements, but contains enhanced modelling capabilities to generate leases with the most beneficial terms and conditions.

The module:

  • Handles the full range of lease calculations, from simplistic to the most complex, including variable rate and dynamic lease calculations.
  • Provides full transparency into lease agreements and receivables.
  • Contains out-of-the-box disclosure reporting satisfies new FASB and IASB standards from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective.
  • Drives automated processes that can integrate invoice creation with billing departments, providing better traceability and recognition of receivables.
  • Supports rate and term modelling to ensure the most beneficial financial terms on the leases in your portfolio.

A strategic partner for implementation success

PowerPlan has helped customers manage operating and capital lease accounting for 15+ years.

Our consultants are expert problem solvers. They'll work closely with your team to define, improve and innovate your business processes based on years of experience with unique, complex, integrated environments. Before we begin an implementation, we'll partner with your team to develop a strategy that identifies key tasks, deadlines and resource requirements. We also can work with your system integrators and IT department to provide the best approach to your lease solution.

IFRS 16: Impacts to balance sheet, budgets and project prioritisation

The new lease accounting changes will have financial impacts across your organisation, including your balance sheet, budgets and project prioritisation. PowerPlan's Asset Investment Planning Suite provides organisations with a decision framework and scenario analysis, allowing your team to allocate capital for the most effective ROI.

Learn more about PowerPlan's Asset Investment Planning Suite

PowerPlan's Lease Accounting Resource Centre
Access your resource guide to help you prepare for the IFRS 16 lease accounting changes:


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